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Update date: 2019-03-03
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When is brown sugar water drunk best, brown sugar can fill gas enrichs the blood, it is the female’s indispensable nourishing beautiful is tasted.

Period drinks brown sugar water

Lukewarm embellish of flavour of brown sugar sex, flavour pleasant is sweet, enter liver lienal classics. Good energy of life, aid lienal change feed, enrich the blood change the effect such as Yu, still hold concurrently medicinal powder cold acetanilide action. So, the female because the go by of be caused by of blood of catch a cold catch a cold, Yu adverse, dysmenorrhoea, menstruation is dark red hold concurrently the abdomen is cold painful wait for disease, drink some of red syrup to often can remove remedial gentle to see effect.

The dextrose that brown sugar place contains releases energy fast, draw utilization rate tall, OK and fast additional physical power. Inadequacy of the gas in having, inappetence, hidebound wait for problem child child, ferial but water of right amount and drinkable brown sugar. The person of easy cold when bellyacke of catch a cold catch a cold, menstruation comes, dispel of soup of ginger of usable also brown sugar is cold.

Li Shizhen also is in ” detailed outline of a book on Chinese medicine ” in have account: Saccharic (brown sugar) “ and ” of lienal delay liver, “ enrichs the blood, invigorate the circulation of blood, connect silt and platoon lochia ” . The doctor of traditional Chinese medicine learns to think, the brown sugar with lukewarm sex passes “ lukewarm and fill, lukewarm and those who connect, lukewarm and the ” that come loose will produce the effect that enrich the blood. The ergot is contained in brown sugar new alkaline, can promote uterine systole, help the eduction of gore, have the effect of warm palace. From the necessary articles for use that already showed brown sugar as the platoon in ancient times.

Visible, brown sugar water serves as the food of common opinion, moist to discharging poison, enrich the blood, the United States is white etc have a lot of profit. Not only menstruation can be drunk, also can drink appropriately usually of a bit.

But ten million cannot drink refrigeration of brown sugar water again, such word may cause menstrual occurrence problem, for instance dysmenorrhoea, collywobbles is waited a moment. In addition, also do not add some of farfetched thing in brown sugar water, produce a few reaction so easily, anyhow, drinking brown sugar water appropriately namely did not concern.

When is brown sugar water drunk best, the expert thinks, when does brown sugar water drink ought to treat according to individual constitution and circumstance difference distinction:

1, every period will surely the crowd of dysmenorrhoea

Great majority of this kind of crowd is crowd of Xu Han constitution, when calculating him period to will come, ought to do good health care to answer the job ahead of schedule. These tool bag draw together drink brown sugar water ahead of schedule, warm palace prevents convulsion, at the same time cannot excessive overworked, long the station works, cannot swim more or bathe cold water to wait, do work of good heat preservation, can make an uterus gentler smoothly eduction classics blood, do not come bring about dysmenorrhoea. Also should hold the convention that drinks brown sugar water in period process, warm in order to last palace, assure the effect that dysmenorrhoea prevents.

2, the crowd with the abiogenesis dysmenorrhoea that brings about because of certain reason

To this kind of crowd, bring about dysmenorrhoea not to need to be anxious too much because of before period a few unsuited behavior, if bring about dysmenorrhoea because of accidental catch a cold catch a cold, uterus of hot-water bottle warmth can be held in the arms when feeling painful, auxiliary with brown sugar water warm Gong Huan solves uterine convulsion, do not need to be drunk for long, also do not need every time to be drunk.

3, the crowd that period later period just begins dysmenorrhoea

The person meets one part just begin dysmenorrhoea when period will end, do not need to drink brown sugar water ahead of schedule so, it is better that period drinks the effect again in the begining.

Good, above is detailed content, female friend but the body that must notice to cherish oneself oh.

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