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The ejaculation outside body is very familiar contraceptive pattern, it is very easy that everybody knows the ejaculation outside body is of contraceptive failure, if be become in oviposit day,ejaculate outside celestial body especially, pregnant odds is bigger, because be commonly before the ejaculation outside body,can have a few spermatozoon spills over, and the surviving rate of spermatozoon is 3 days two, if just be inside oviposit period, it is very easy bring about be pregnant, for safety for the purpose of had better adopt other contraceptive way to use contraceptive.

Should oviposit day ejaculate outside celestial body?

The advantage of contraception ejaculates outside body: Economy, convenient, do not spend money.

The defect of contraception ejaculates outside body: Need very strong contain power, be not an ordinary person to be able to do. And in the secretion that pours out of when the male is excited, contain a few spermatozoon namely, conception wants a sperm only however enough already. The ejaculation outside body can pose a quite serious gender problem: Premature ejaculation.

Contraception of the ejaculation outside body does not rely on 3 reasons of chart:

1, sperm cell pours out of a few from urethral mouth before ejaculation normally, every contain spermatozoon to make an appointment with 50 thousand inside drop, if flow into the vagina, have a seminal fluid sufficient can make an ovum be fertilized of the woman.

Should oviposit day ejaculate outside celestial body?

2, arrive in sprint the most intense level, what the opportunity that takes out the penis may break because of man attaching pleasure is too late, make one part seminal fluid is shot inside the vagina.

3, be in sometimes outside body after ejaculation, the man touchs the woman’s pudenda immediately with finger, make she reachs a climax, or cannot lie between how to long have sexual intercourse the 2nd times. Below these two kinds of case, the hand points to and the penis takes spermatozoon possibly into the vagina.

Although use the ejaculation outside body to use contraceptive, also cannot 100 percent put an end to spermatozoon to enter female system inside, still have more serious is often ejaculate outside body, still can cause male premature ejaculation. Wear probably set uncomfortable but won’t bring harm to the body at least.

Should oviposit day ejaculate outside celestial body?

The ejaculation outside body is brought about easily impotent. Coital halfway is interrupted, no matter activity of each coriaceous sexual centre, sex controls cerebrum nerve, and each sexual organs still are in exalted position, come down very quickly impossibly flabbily, this virtually accentuated neurological the burden with sexual organs, can cause a kind to be similar to ” excessive exhaustion ” phenomenon, time grew to erect with respect to what may bring about the penis the function is unusual, appear even sexual desire drops wait for sexual dysfunction, cause impotent the happening that waits for a circumstance.

The man reachs a climax in sexual intercourse when, the woman often not acquired character is contented, the man interrupts sexual intercourse forcibly right now, execute the ejaculation outside body, may make the woman’s sex excited suffer a disastrous decline, get in mentally intense negative stimulation. Pass the description of above paragraphs, believed everybody to also have more deep knowledge to the harm of the ejaculation outside body, hope everybody reachs the health of family for oneself, avoid the ejaculation outside body as far as possible.

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