[interest explodes demonstrate: The men and women is classic old law of sexual love of private parts of be overwhelmed with sorrow or joy! ] – net of people preserve one’s health

Article introduction

Sex of male and female is yin and yang complementary reflect apparently, clever flesh of the perfect union of private parts and penis is indicative men and women blends. Sexual life is harmonious, feeling of husband and wife is met harmonious. But all these is already can make love be premise. Wife of a lot of husbands since begin to be in all the time together make love, but what master sex skill truly is too little really! Make love not just trial physical power, more test technology. The kongfu on the bed how, decided two individual feeling directly how. Accordingly, if why make each other satisfactory on the bed,male people must master.

One, male agrarian female knit

Woman face is down, prop up with double genu and double ancon, hip raises; man with kneeling position clingy after her buttock, both hands holds woman waist abdomen in arms, after pushing the penis the vagina, can touch continuously most in. The deep ploughing when sex is shallow plow, hold along with the heart. The woman can swing coxal, give at cooperating. Wait for both sides to achieve pleasure, can cry golden withdraw troops, silent rest.

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