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Article introduction

Condom is us among the life a kind of essential thing, no matter be,be being returned in contraceptive respect is in effective precaution venereal respect is having major effect, and still to AIDS a kind serious illness can have significant precautionary effect, correct between sexual life adorn condom is particularly important, deciding the effect that has directly, so what is condom uses a method correctly? Through the introduction below we understand together.

What is condom uses a method correctly

1, cover inner packing brim to lest slit safety is covered,be torn apart carefully from safety, the edge tool that avoids a kind to use scissors, ensure safety is covered not burst.

2, complete set is brought on the belt when the penis erects, write down sincerely safety is worn to cover before the penis inserts body of the other side. Erect in the penis the secretion that early days place produces may be contained seminal fluid and bring about venereal bacteria, can cause be pregnant and travel venereally.

3, the air that how remains inside complete set can bring about safety to cover burst, to avoid cracked possibility, squeeze a safety to cover the air inside front pouch gently with big toe and forefinger, cover security the penis since Dai Zaibo to go up next. Affirmatory safety covers extreme curly part shows outer side.

4, live in extruding while safety covers front, cover security with another hand gently extend bag Fu is whole the penis. Affirmatory safety is covered at the gender. In making a process, tighten set go up at the penis if; installs surge of complete set part, cover its instantly time former. If install complete set to slide drop out, take out the penis instantly, continueing quality. New security is worn to cover before handing in.

5, after ejaculation, in the penis when still erecting, answer to press safety to cover floor with the hand instantly, smoke completely in the penis after leaving, cover security again. Avoid the penis and the body that bring the other side of complete set bring into contact with. Every install complete set to be able to be used only. Towel of has used paper of safe apply mechanically has been wrapped and put dustbin inside.

Pass afore-mentioned introducing, we knew condom uses a method correctly now, when having sexual life we must be operated strictly, cannot appear careless circumstance, especially if adorn incorrect be pregnant or can be being caused is to get venereal case, and adorn condom when should see manufacturing date, overdue condom scarcely can be used.

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