[is letting a men and women stimulate the sexual skill that fight bravely inside the car? ] – net of people preserve one’s health

Article introduction

Be in abroad, an investigation makes clear, romantic passion place is beach the first, the 2nd is a car. Actual condition is: The romance on beach, to all living things, perhaps have some of luxury and view of be a hindrance to, under photograph comparing, still come more a few more practically in the car. so-called practice gives genuine knowledge, you can learn completely to be used alive alive, rise in every respect thereby ” lathe ” level.

A. Special vehicle window

It is the sort of Xuan face can see, the car window that does not come in sees however outside. If can not afford, also should get thermal insulation board of a sunshade at least. Do not suggest to use a big the sort of silver-colored light, can choose to have small mesh, can do at the same time so view and admire a scenery at the same time. But ask an attention, excited when, fasten its tear off.

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