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Article introduction

Be in small make up or minor when feel the child is to want to be born with when to be born, do not know to have support of the people small like making up, is there likewise funny idea? Actually this kind of idea is incorrect, because female conception gets the interference of a lot of elements, not only female fitness can be affected be pregnant, at the same time the male also has certain effect. And the time that the impact is the biggest is of the same branch of a family, let now small make up tell you when to become pregnant more easily!

Be pregnant, of the same branch of a family, specific time, how to do

To planning pregnant husband and wife, they miss the optimal opportunity that the assurance with accurate essence becomes pregnant very much, consequently, to when becoming pregnant the most easily this problem compares a care. Generally speaking, in the female the of the same branch of a family when oviposit period becomes pregnant the most easily, in of the same branch of a family of this one period, the odds that the odds of conception becomes pregnant than other time far is big, spermatozoon and ovum are united in wedlock more easily for oosperm, successful implementation is pregnant.

Many young mem and women to oviposit period presumable is not very understanding, so, the female’s oviposit period be when? Generally speaking, the woman that compares the pattern to menstrual cycle, oviposit day is mostly in the female next time menstruation comes before tide 14 days or so.

That is to say, if the menstrual cycle of a certain female is 30 days, the menstruation of every month comes tide is to be in 1 or so, criterion its finish an oviposit day is to be in 14 or so commonly. If both sides of male and female can be in the around of woman ovum eduction the of the same branch of a family inside a few days becomes pregnant the most easily. After oviposit of medical admiral female is mixed before 5 days 4 days, add oviposit day that day in all time of 10 days, the oviposit that calls a the female sex period, often also be called suffer pregnancy easily. Make love after the 1-2 day of female oviposit day especially, be pregnant the most easily.

Both sides of husband and wife is in understood spouse of the same branch of a family when to become pregnant the most easily after this problem, of the others is to should see young husband and wife how hold equal opportunity to became pregnant.

Do not know you saw the content above have a help to you, actually you should remember a woman only which is the oviposit time of every month a day OK, be in the optimal opportunity that oviposit period around is conception, be in at the same time this with level of the same branch of a family when have skill even, if both sides decides to if becoming pregnant, be about to shift to an earlier date smoke of Buddhist monastic discipline, abstinence, assure the child’s health.

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