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Tea, it is us among the life a kind of very common drink. Among daily life, everybody also pays attention to the effect of tea very much. Actually, compare besides a few everybody fall heply besides the effect such as blood-vessel of blood pressure, bate, still have the sanitarian effect that is not known by people more very much actually. Below, we will introduce the effect of a few tea, the hope does not like to drink the friend of tea, also should learn a few oh.

The effect of leaf of a bitter edible plant

 Conduce to prevention and cure early old sex is gawkish

Tea has protective effect to cerebrum cell, tea can defer cerebrum effectively to degrade, conduce to the health that maintains cerebrum blood-vessel. Newest research makes clear, drink tea more ameliorable memory and prevent early old sex gawkish.

 Have fight pressure and fight angst action

Rhythm of modern life work fast, pressure is great, often cause angst, nervous, irritating, depressed wait for mental psychology symptom. Green tea contains tea ammonia acid, it is a kind of flabby agent that does not have composed action, can help cerebrum increase generation γ wave, γ wave can help control angst sentiment, raise attention, improve psychosis and overall function, green tea of general 3-4 cup can contain the tea ammonia acid of 100-200 milligram, this makes green tea is combatting pressure and the effect with fight angst respect to have better.

The effect of leaf of a bitter edible plant

 Can enhance immune power

Successive 2 weeks of people that drink 5 cups of tea everyday, the meeting inside its body produces many disease-resistant poisonous interferon, its content is 10 times what do not drink tea person, the albumen of this kind of OK and counteractive infection can enhance power of human body immunity and effective help human body resists flu.

 Have reduce weight thin body effect

Investigator discovery, drink tea 10 years above person compare with photograph of the person that do not drink tea, scale of male body fat decreases about 20% , the female can decrease 30% . Reducing weight in tasting tea is not a beautiful thing! Not only such, tea still has the hairdressing agent of action of very good protection to the skin, the much person that drink tea is beautiful beautiful.

The effect of leaf of a bitter edible plant

 Action of other health care

Tea still can eliminate fatigue, life-giving, bright eye, disappear to feed, diuresis detoxify, prevent dental caries, eliminate halitosis, tea still is alkalescent beverage, be helpful for acidity constitution correct… .

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