[the practice encyclopedia of beef stew meal] practice of the daily life of a family of _ of the _ method that make – net of people preserve one’s health

Article introduction

Beef stew meal is the cate with very high value of a kind of nutrition. Beef is put in much nutrient material among stew meal, for example protein and vitamin, it is a kind of nutrition balanced, have the food of advantage very much to human body development. Beef stew meal is very common also between everybody’s life, want those who prepare need to eat material and sauce only, everybody is OK in the home him cooking. So, what is the course of action of beef stew meal?

The practice encyclopedia of beef stew meal

Advocate makings beef 300 gram rice 800 grams

Complementary makings potato half ginger 2 (fry expect) chili 1 (fry expect) water is right amount oil of saline a few is right amount onion taste of root of half carrot grass is extremely little 1 spoon (bloat expect) oyster sauce 1 spoon (bloat expect) salt is right amount (bloat makings)

The practice of beef stew meal

1.Carrot, tomato patch, onion cuts Ding Bei to use

2.Beef cuts water of small fourth bubble half hours, this measure can remain in purify beef blood, cannot omit

3.Put after beef bubble water bloat makings mix divide evenly

4.Souse half hour

The practice encyclopedia of beef stew meal

5.Electric rice cooker puts rice, pan clean

6.Right amount oil is entered in boiler, after burning heat, put fry makings fry sweet

7.Put the bovine diced meat that has bloated, break up fry extremely become angry

8.Join right amount water to reach salt

9.Put into vegetable man to break up fry

10.In a way breaks up fry can

11.Enter the beef that has fried electric rice cooker, enclothe rice above, join at ordinary times the water quantity of evaporate meal can

12.Choose to cook function

13.The stew after 15 minutes of evaporate are good opens boiler 10 minutes again lid

14.Mix is even can eat

The practice encyclopedia of beef stew meal

The 2nd big flesh that beef is a Chinese kind food, be next to pork, beef protein content is high, and adipose content is low, flavour is so delicious, favorite, enjoy ” the arrogant in the flesh child ” good name.

Beef (thin) nutrient analysis:

1.Beef contains a lot ofprotein, amino acerbity composition is close to human body need more than pork, can increase airframe disease-resistant capacity, after opposite grows development and art, the person of the take good care of sb after disease waits for a respect in organization of compensatory and exsanguine, rehabilitate particularly appropriate, cold winter feeds beef to be able to warm stomach, the benefiting beautiful that is this season tastes;

2.Beef has energy of life of the beneficial in filling, alimentary taste, able-bodied bones and muscles, expectorant breath wind, stop yearningly the effect of saliva, appropriate at in aching and limp of empty of body of the concealed below gas, be discouraged, bones and muscles, anaemia is long disease and face are yellow the person of dazzled edible;

3.Buffalo flesh can bring fetal filling expression, ox flesh can be installed in beneficial gas, be good at lienal raise stomach, strong anything resembling a tendon or vein make better bone

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