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Article introduction

Carbonado is a dish pattern that the regular meeting on table of a lot of families sees, in the family that has the boy that is in adolescence especially, a lot of mothers choose to make carbonado for healthy regular meeting of the child, for child complement nutrition, enhance strength. But dot often is existing to carry the defect that feed, a lot of dot do not like to eat carbonado too, so housewife people unavoidable think, what food does carbonado distribute delicious?

Carbonado distributes what food delicious

One, potato, carrot, young soya bean, yam, yam, fried bean curd OK

The point that make

When blast of the boiler below gallinaceous piece, oil is lukewarm should heat up a few, gallinaceous piece blast comes the fish out when exterior hair is good. What use because of this dish is a chickling, the time that stews so cannot too long, lest be stewed too soddenly. Master good duration even additionally, conflagration should turn to receive juice instantly when gallinaceous piece rots nearly, not when gallinaceous piece is sodden, shang Zhihai has a lot of, so gallinaceous piece did not taste.

Make feed capable person

Advocate makings: Chicken 500 overcome

Condiment: Soy 50 grams are white saccharic 60 grams salt 5 grams

A sweet sauce made of fermented flour 10 gram green Chinese onion 10 grams ginger

10 grams cooking wine pink of 10 grams the five spices 1 gram plant is oily 50 grams each are right amount

Carbonado distributes what food delicious

The flow that make

1. general chicken piece abluent accuse to do moisture, enter pink of green, ginger, cooking wine, the five spices, a sweet sauce made of fermented flour and salt are added to wait inside the basin mix divide evenly, bloat 30 minutes, fish out accuses to work, chase piece in leaving the 6 oily boiler that become heat, scamper comes show deep yellow fish out.

2. fries boiler get angry to put a few oil, candy, soy, salt, cooking wine, green, ginger and right amount water are entered after burning heat, after be being burned, cast aside go float foam, next good into scamper chicken piece, shang Kaihou, come with small fire stew crisp, will gallinaceous piece fish out is installed dish, will former Shang Jixu is boiled to juice when hair is sticky, drench it is on gallinaceous piece, can install dish of edible.

2, OK and tie-in onion, pointed any of several hot spice plants.

Advocate makings: Pigeon breast flesh 500 grams, onion 3, needle any of several hot spice plants

Complementary makings: Spoon of half and half of onion powder, ginger end, oily 3 spoon, amylaceous 2 tea spoon, balm, candy spoon of each 1 tea, soy 1 spoon, gourmet powder a few, spoon of 1/2 of pink of Chinese prickly ash, salt, vinegar spoon of each 1/2 tea, wine 1 spoon.

Carbonado distributes what food delicious


1, pigeon breast flesh abluent, cut 2 centimeters 5 centimeters long, wide strip piece, add marinade of amylaceous, balm, candy, soy half hours tasty.

2.Onion cuts into shreds, pointed any of several hot spice plants cuts into shreds, reserve.

3.Flourishing fire sits boiler, put oil, when when oily heat, put green end, jiang Mo explodes a fragrance, put onion silk next, stir-fry before stewing of silk of pointed any of several hot spice plants is fried, put the chicken that has bloated finally, cook of reoccupy flourishing fire 4 minutes can.

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