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Article introduction

Uterine flesh tumour is disease of commonner department of gynaecology, got uterine flesh tumour to often can show a variety of symptoms later, appear easily for example sexual intercourse bleeds, cause period easily abnormal, constant regular meeting causes dysmenorrhoea to wait a moment, got uterine flesh tumour to must have favorable treatment in time, want to strengthen the recuperation of dietary respect at ordinary times, getting uterine flesh lump can eat pollen, the effect of pollen is first-rate, can achieve the effect of auxiliary cure.

Can uterine flesh tumour eat pollen

Can uterine flesh tumour eat pollen

Uterine flesh tumour is the commonnest kind of in female reproduction organ benign tumor, also be one of the commonnest tumour in human body, call fibroma of fiber flesh tumour, uterus again, common symptom is: Leucorrhoea grow in quantity, celiac dropping bilges below, the waist carries ache on the back, and menstruation is abnormal wait. So uterine flesh tumour can eat bee pollen?

Can uterine flesh tumour eat pollen

Bee pollen has a lot of effect, general pollen polysaccharide can activation of huge bite cell gobble up ability, conduce to raise airframe to fight phlogistic, fight the function of blame particularity immunity such as infection, low to immune function person have remedial effect, can raise level of serum immunity globulin, promote huge bite cell thereby gobble up action, counteract toxin. In addition, bee pollen contains a variety of amino acid and nucleic acid, can promote the growth of cerebral cell, improve cerebral function, enhance memory, precaution is senile and gawkish. Pollen can make nerve medium increases, active adjustment is neurological. The most crucial is bee estrogen is contained in pollen, medicable menstruation is discordant dysmenorrhoea, so uterine flesh tumour can eat bee pollen.

To female friend, must discover uterine flesh tumour in time, such ability can reduce complication, cause a disease when other reproduction organ otherwise when, so it is more difficult that cure rises.

The sort of bee pollen

Bee pollen has nutrition very much, it also is bee and larval food, but it serves as a bee ” solid food ” colour is a few heavier, because honey stores,be in honeycomb in, the bee goes on a long journey the belt that collect honey is not moved, only use local materials eats pollen. Take bee pollen to be able to adjust human body is endocrine, balance human performance, by skin arrives directly inside body from go up at all activation skin cell, enhance skin metabolism, eliminate or reduce splash, wrinkle, prevent the skin anile, coarse, make the skin silky and delicate, be full of burnish and flexibility. The sort of bee pollen is more, introduce a few kinds of common bee pollen to understand for everybody:

Can uterine flesh tumour eat pollen

1, camellia pollen: Show tangerine, mouthfeel is good, fragrance is full-bodied. The amino acid of camellia pollen, vitamin and microelement content are high, especially the content such as manganese, zinc, chromium is quite high.

2, rape pollen: Show yellow, the yellow ketone material that contains as a result of rape pollen place is taller, OK and auxiliary make expectoration easy is changed cough, delay vent one’s anger breathes heavily.

3, lotus pollen: Show tangerine, it is the top grade in pollen, highest grade, be known as ” the king of pollen ” . Lotus pollen mouthfeel is sweet, benefit at absorbing, its battalion nurturance divides pollen of prep above great majority. Lotus pollen contains rich amino acid, gross achieves 24.2% above, contain human body must 8 kinds of amino acid and the constant element that are beneficial to human body and microelement, vitamin, especially outclass of content of not saturated fatty acid is other the pollen of the type. Can raise invigorate the circulation of blood of colour embellish lung, filling gas, moisten the respiratory tract beneficial of kidney of beneficial of aperient, powerful body, be good at head wisdom.

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