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There are a lot of people to be able to choose to eat hollow fine dried noodles when eating fine dried noodles in the life, because dimensional fine dried noodles tastes mouthfeel is more soft, and hollow fine dried noodles spends what pink does applicable high accuracy, so its nutrient value may a few taller, the additive agent for food that contains inside will be a few smaller, after eating a few fewerer to the harm of human body, what is the practice of so hollow fine dried noodles?

The practice of hollow fine dried noodles

1, knead dough raw material is high accuracy 70 flour. Knead dough and average household knead dough are same. Cannot excellent, also cannot too soft, should exert oneself to do sth. repeatedly rub up, till do not stick a hand, do not stick a basin till.

2, wire rod puts the face of become reconciled on a table of 80 centimeters of square, the desktop wants level, delimit dough with kitchen knife next the circular strip that cuts a diameter to make an appointment with 3 centimeters. In the meantime, should delimit continuously cut, midway cannot stop, twist back and forth repeatedly with the hand subsequently rub, twist rub is 1 2 centimeters one circle into the diameter, next layer upon layer dish into the basin, place cooking oil then.

The practice of hollow fine dried noodles

3, will dish crosswise twines good side to go up in a short slender pointed piece of metal of fine dried noodles, circle when, should exert oneself to do sth. even, natural and orderly, best stretch is circled into.

4, wake face key should master appropriate time. 25 minutes can wake loose a short slender pointed piece of metal. Loose a short slender pointed piece of metal cannot pass prematurely late. Fluctuate too early extent is differ, too late, also do not hang ideal fine dried noodles.

The practice of hollow fine dried noodles

5, pull making is the careful technology with a very high demand, if the operation is undeserved, pull with respect to meeting general face. Pull consequently when making, want average power outward ministry is promoted slowly, pull the wind after making to blow air. Frame should be deposited in drafty place, insolate of sunshine of avoid by all means.

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