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Arrived spring, basically major flower can bloom, among them a kind of very beautiful flower is called oriental cherry, and after oriental cherry left, their meeting ties goes a kind of fructification to be called cherry, cherry is a kind of fruit that contains a lot ofmany vitamin C, to the female very much hairdressing is raised colour the effect. And everybody knows banana, it is it has advantage to be able to connect convenience bowel to very to human body. So can cherry and banana put edible together?

 Cherry banana cake

Can 1 cherry and banana eat together

Cherry and banana can eat together.

Cherry and banana contain rich carbohydrate material, pectic, protein, and the microelement such as calcic, iron, phosphor, Potassium, still a variety of vitamins and introduced from the northern and western nationalities or from abroad a bamboo basket predict element, it is two kinds of not afoul fruits, so they can eat together, without what no-no, and banana and cherry still can make banana cherry put drink on the ice, taste is good.

The way that 2 cherry have together with banana

 Cherry banana cake

Feed capable person: Banana is 30g of 3 root, currant, cherry 50g, olive oil, fine saccharic 10g, amylaceous sauce of as right amount as flour, salad


1, banana should twist ahead of schedule broken; currant, need not mincing, a few water. Amylaceous, flour, mixture agitate divide evenly.

2, put again some, fine saccharic, mixture agitate divide evenly.

3, cherry, should go nucleus, reserve.

4, electric baking pan, the olive oil of a few, burnt bake in a pan above.

5, again good processing cherry superpose. Of bake in a pan.

6, when eating, above some more crowded salad sauce, can.

3 take the note of cherry

 Cherry banana cake

1, the content of cherry iron is bigger, still have glucoside of a bit cyanogen at the same time, if edible is overmuch what the look causes hydroxide and iron is toxic, spend juice of toxic and usable sugar cane gently to come alexipharmic, although the fruit is delicious, also should control good amount.

2, of cherry save time shorter, should avoid at the same time by sunshine point-blank, lest bring about,become moldy.

3, cherry is controlled 3 days commonly be about to feed gone, lest the flesh is qualitative bate, water cannot be touched during be being saved at the same time, easy decay, it is OK to before eating, be cleaned.

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