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Everybody most the method that often eats leather egg is leather egg cold and dressed with sause, leather egg itself can eat directly, join after cold and dressed with sause a few otherer spice, the flavour that can let leather egg only is more delicious. And leather egg mixes bean curd this dish also is food of a cold and dressed with sause that a lot of people like, look of its the method that make is simpler to other course, advocate if leather egg will be added after bean curd is thoroughlied cook,mix undertake making with other spice. Does leather egg mix what way does bean curd have?

Leather egg accompanies the practice encyclopedia of bean curd

Dish tastes characteristic

Cooking is simple, leather egg bean curd is a traditional name dish, one of dish of the dish of the daily life of a family with Chinese common each district, cold and dressed with sause; is to use inside the raw material such as egg of fat bean curd, hot pickled mustard tuber, skin, balm, caraway is made and become delicate cate, make simple, nutrition is rich, clear heat sees fire, a variety of battalion nurturance that contain a lot ofhuman body place to need are divided.

Nutrient value

Nutrition is rich


Raw material

Material: The box installs bean curd 1, leather egg 2, bavin fish last stage (or) of dried meat floss, chopped green onion each a few. Flavoring: Soy, 1 big spoon, sweet vinegar 3 big spoon, balm 1 big spoon, candy 1/2 small spoon.

Make a way

(1) bean curd adds water to be boiled, take out do moisture with the drop after bubble of cold boiled water is cool, cut thick piece emit into dish inside.

(After 2) skin egg rinds, gash small piece shape to be put beside bean curd with cotton thread or knife.

(3) puts bavin fish end, chopped green onion, flavoring smooth, drench above mix divide evenly can.

Leather egg accompanies the practice encyclopedia of bean curd

Make a way 2

Makings: Inside fat bean curd 1, leather egg 2, cucumber half.

Flavor juice: Sweet vinegar 1 spoon, unripe draw 1 spoon, balm 1 spoon, white sugar little

Other: Chop any of several hot spice plants 1 spoon


1, inside on face of fat bean curd is whole bottom, cut 4 corner with scissors broken little, make air enters; to turn over the box again, openly rip off is filmy, buckle bean curd to dish or clean chopping board again, cut flake;

2, leather egg rinds, cut small;

3, cucumber uses tool paring, spread the; on dish

4, bean curd piece discharge go up in cucumber flower, drench on flavor juice;

5, leather egg platoon is on bean curd, again any of several hot spice plants of dip spoonful chop superpose. When eating, mix divide evenly can.

Leather egg accompanies the practice encyclopedia of bean curd


The small green pepper that is fond of hot friend to also can use a needle is cut small-scale, mix after salt a bit inside leather egg, bright fishiness can be released immediately.

Chopped green onion is OK also and right amount put more a bit, classics vinegar bloats the chopped green onion after be soiled passes can make bright fragrance more full-bodied.

Complement explains

Right amount add a bit vinegar, what can counteract leather egg is alkalescent, flavour it may not be a bad idea.

Other way

Feed capable person

Advocate makings

Inside 120g of egg of 300g of fat bean curd, skin

Complementary makings

Balm right amount, salt right amount, caraway is right amount, red any of several hot spice plants right amount, garlic is right amount, unripe smoke right amount, sweet vinegar right amount


Egg of bean curd of the ester inside 1. preparation, skin, caraway, garlic and red any of several hot spice plants.

Bean curd of the ester inside 2. is put delimit in the bowl agglomerate.

3. caraway is abluent leather egg has pared.

4. caraway and red any of several hot spice plants are mincing.

5. skin egg has been cut wipe the garlic on ester bean curd inside to brush Cheng Rong to be put.

After 6. adds caraway and red any of several hot spice plants, drench on unripe smoke and sweet vinegar.

7. adds a few salt.

8. surface drenchs on balm can.

Small stick person

Because 1. contains purine in bean curd more, the patient of wrong to purine metabolization gouty patient and heighten of acerbity chroma of blood in the urine, taste empty is cold, often diarrhoea jalf congealed person diet.

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