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This kind of fruit has 100 sweet fruit a lot of appellation, a lot of people like to say for egg fruit, still have a beautiful name additionally, be called by people love fruit, this kind of fruit tastes flavour is first-rate, its nutrition is very additionally rich, for instance 100 sweet fruit contain a lot of17 kinds of amino acid, these major amino acid are need of human body place, additionally 100 sweet fruit contain a lot ofcarotene and vitamin to wait a moment, him everybody teachs souse below the method that tea of honey of 100 sweet fruit will come to drink.

What is the souse method of tea of honey of 100 sweet fruit?

Method of souse of tea of honey of 100 sweet fruit:

1, 100 sweet fruit cortical clean.

2, be in with the knife upside of 100 sweet fruit probably the position of 1/5 dissections.

3, in taking out pulp to be put in vitreous annulus with ladle.

4, take one spoon honey to be put into the cup.

5, right amount warm boiled water is added in the cup, mix is even.

6, a cup of nutrition is rich, acid is sweet goluptious beverage has been done.

The effect of 100 sweet fruit with action

The first, 100 sweet fruit contain protein of rich vitamin, peace keeping exceeding fine to wait for about a hundred kinds of very beneficial to human body element, and mouthfeel follows fragrance beautiful to acme, can enhance human body strength, enhance immune power, especially child and pregnant woman ate is special more conduce to the body development and grow;

The 2nd, some of 100 sweet fruit exceeds fiber to be able to enter human body intestines and stomach inside very little place, those who have deep arrangement clear and discharge poison, but won’t have any harm to alvine wall again, have improvement human body absorbs effect of stomachic of function, whole bowel;

What is the souse method of tea of honey of 100 sweet fruit?

The 3rd, can increase digest absorb a function, make human body defecate normal, won’t block bowel path, to alleviating so costive symptom also has profit very much;

The 4th, hairdressing is raised colour, it not only contain rich nutrition, and the sense that can give a person full abdomen, let a person decrease to be absorbed to alimental of other high quantity of heat thereby, conduce to improvement structure of human body alimentation, contain some Vc among them especially, wait to hairdressing is raised colour, fight anile action.

100 sweet fruit conserve

Step11. 100 sweet fruit 20;

Step22. Be opposite from which sliver;

Step33. Take clean, anhydrous does not have oily boiler, had better be stainless steel boiler is provided, in blowing the fruit bursa of 100 sweet fruit boiler with small spoon;

Step44. After be being blown entirely, join 1/2 the juice of citric crush out;

Step55. Get on bowl park fire, medium baking temperature heats boil to boiling;

Step66. Prepare a maltose at this moment, winter maltose is very hard bad spoon comes out, can use second of microwave conflagration 20-30, make its bate becomes going from place to place liquid state;

Step77. Join 150 grams maltose;

What is the souse method of tea of honey of 100 sweet fruit?

Step88. Turn into small fire, agitate of the shovel that use wood comes dissolve;

Step99. Rejoin candy of 200 grams Bai Sha;

Step1010. Continue at the same time small fire heats at the same time agitate, to sauce darken, juice becomes thicker stiff can;

Step1111. Join white of 10 grams jelly finally, can not use white bean jelly to replace, agitate comes equably dissolve can involve fire;

Step1212. Load beforehand disappear crosses poison, in the sealed container that anhydrous does not have oil can, had better be glass service, wait for completely cooling evacuation to seal up for keeping into freezer.

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