“Masturbation ” what does the advantage have with inferior position net of doctor of neighbor of _ of little sister of adjacent of _ of _ sex morality

” of “ sex morality all the time by everybody oversight, think the gender is the means of a kind of raise up seed only. And the importance that understanding is less than ” of morality of understanding “ sex, through masturbating actually this is planted means, we can see a person how morality of look upon sex this problem, when our sexual demand when, the kind that can carry masturbation will satisfy, is not to do the thing of a few exceed what is proper to satisfy his the demand to the gender.

Masturbate, this is the action that most person has had in teenage period, it also is our instinct, a kind of normal physiology phenomenon, no less than our breath, like having a meal, need not regard it very dirty stuff, need treats it correctly, what must not cause both sides of husband and wife because of it is disharmonious, important is not long-term indulge this.

Main benefit:

1, this behavior is people one kind when people is comforted to seek and adopt in growing process abreacts means, do not divide a men and women, can obtain joy through its.

2, to both sides of husband and wife, it is a kind of reasonable drain, live apart for a long time when both sides of husband and wife especially two ground or when one party is sick.

3, go up objectively conduce to lower crime rate.

4, manage good intention situation: Release inside Fei peptide conduces to us easing life pressure.

5, the happening that reduces prostate disease probability, go up objectively rise to clear the action of conduit, what can let us maintain prostate is healthy.

6, a kind of be premature ejaculation of a kind of cure significant step, can increase life happiness index secondhand.

But Things will develop in the opposite direction when they become extreme. , aught has two sides sex, its want measurable, cannot too frequent, general with exceeding weekly advisable, dan Yougen differs somewhat according to different constitution, if the following day the body somewhat unwell, appropriate decreases to be counted next. If its are too frequent, have damage very healthy with quality of life of husband and wife.

Its basically endanger as follows:

1, too frequent, bring about make urology is in bloodshot condition for a long time, and if make be protected when this behavior undeserved, easy happening urethral infection, have caustic reproduction organ even.

2, the exalted position that causes nerve to keep for a long time taller is very short perhaps ejaculate, easy cause sexual dysfunction disease, bring about the fall of life quality.

3, by undertake the height on this behavior body and spirit is centered, waste a large number of energy, bring about spirit easily to go up dejected, body exhaustion, go against the job and study.

Although masturbation can control our sexual impulse very well, but, not be to say the masturbation that understand has good sexual morality namely, the learns him control namely at all sexual desire of sexual morality looks, each other esteem that understand.

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