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How to prevent male reproduction infection?

1, make genital inspection regularly: The purpose is to eliminate genital official disease and reproductive path infection.

2, the individual is wholesome: When clean anus, not from hind swab ahead, however once upon a time backward, or swab to two side from anus, defecate hind had better rinse anus with clear water, lest the coliform organisms all round anus pollutes urethral mouth and shade road junction, cause department of secrete make water and reproductive path infection.

3, notice a symptom at any time: If inside the penis, vagina or anus, the surface or all around have any blazing secretion, cut, Pustular, the injury is swollen, bump, acerbity urticant or aching, or if if think with the likelihood affects reproduction,the person of infection undertakes sexual behavior, go looking for a doctor to make an inspection please. If have any doubt, making an inspection always is a sagacious thing. In the meantime, suspend sexual activity first.

4, the symptom wants to see a doctor in time: Affect otherwise can add aggravation more, already caught another person possibly also. The patient’s condition that cannot know has multiple, some symptoms of the meeting menace infection to life may resemble slight infection same, only the doctor can be diagnosed certainly is what defect. It is OK to have a lot of hospitals do below completely private state check and examine. Should tell him besides the person that concerns with sexual besides, someone else won’t know you contract infection of a kind of reproduction.

5, be in from sex, answer to use condom to add the agent that reduce fine first and last: Learn a principle please: When every time undertakes sexual behavior, want to be engaged in safer sexual behavior.

Sweet clew: If the male feels body state appeared problem, ten million cannot judge chaos to take cordial by oneself, the treatment that how has suit the remedy to the case must undertake the ability after diagnosing make judgement in the outpatient service of normal hospital, if be entered at will,fill certain cordial or medicaments, can increase body metabolization burden instead, bring new healthy hidden trouble to the body.

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