The 5 big food that male preserve one’s health should eat less – flying Hua Jiankang net

Want healthy, besides fitness, dietary arrangement also wants reasonable, some food cannot eat more, it is male preserve one’s health should eat eating 5 big food below.

  1, fat.

Big impediment flesh is very in relief perhaps firm, but the fact is antipodal. Red meat (beef, bacon, banger, luncheon meat) let you cannot doughty. Saturated and adipose let hemal narrow with cholesterol, include to carry blood to come the blood-vessel of sexual place, HyperaemiaInadequate, how to hold high?

   2, tall fat milk.

The harm of tall fat milk and dairy produce no less than fat, worst is will both mix, its are ruinous the effect perhaps is met get effect instantly.

  3, fry.

In the hydrogenation in vegetable oil, can change oil into solid state, its are contained adipose it is namely instead type is adipose. Should talk destroy degree, return form adipose more adipose than saturation go even farther than. Potato with other deepfry kind contain in food, biscuit, Qu Ji instead type is adipose.

  4, flour of essence of life.

White bread, candy tastes taste is good, if come from nutrient angle,can look, not be so return a responsibility. In the process that machines biscuit of essence of life in whole wheat, zincic element is met loss 3/4, and the health of the education to sexual desire and reproduction, zincic just is crucial.

  5, soya bean.

Soya bean besides contain a lot ofprotein, still have the effect that reduces cholesterol, very beneficial to the body. But the relevant research of the near future makes clear: Soya bean is one kind contains the provision with idiosyncratic estrogen, excessive photographs initiate to raise airframe estrogen level, affect male sex character consequently.

(the exercitation edits: Chen Hao)

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