Big flesh burns the practice of dumpling

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  •  Big flesh burns dumpling is a delicate and clinking dish, the dumpling with fine culinary art, colour and lustre is bright-coloured, the surface is lapped by a large juice place, aroma is dye-in-the-wood, tasting is mouthfeel is arranged more slip, fat and not be bored with. Invite your whole body every cell is excited unceasingly. Somebody feels dish name very earth, but of net of cate of preserve one’s health small make up feel to name anyway, the cate of the world is, each have each distinguishing feature, each have each local color! Below of net of cate of preserve one’s health small make up everybody to share big flesh to burn the characteristic practice of dumpling.

    Big flesh burns the practice of dumpling, big flesh burns dumpling how to be done delicious

      One, raw material

    1, advocate makings: Steaky pork 700g, yam pink is right amount.

    2, burden: Chinese prickly ash, dry chili, anise each 2, Laojiang 3, corn is oily a few, unripe smoke, often smoke right amount, high-grade Shaoxing wine is right amount.

       2, concrete step

    1, steaky pork washs clean stripping and slicing.

    2, the steaky pork that stripping and slicing puts after cold water of the infuse in boiler, join wine of right amount high-grade Shaoxing and Chinese prickly ash.

    3, after be being burned, work with boiling water filter.

    4, prepare right amount belt bowls the yam pink of grain shape is small.

    5, right amount cold water is joined to be moved into oar water to reserve in yam pink bowl.

    6, note inside boiler a few potato oar is entered after oil burns heat slightly (medium baking temperature cooperates to breath out) delimit ceaselessly with the chopstick circle.

    7, wait for all oars to become angry with respect to of the shovel that use boiler its press extrusion pressing to become cake state together can boiler.

    8, cut its the lump with even size to reserve again;

    9, right amount oil is noted to put Jiang Pian, anise, dry chili to explode inside boiler sweet.

    10, stir-fry before stewing fries the steaky pork with put float good again to give oil slightly to steaky pork.

    11, again ordinal put right amount high-grade Shaoxing wine, old smoke, unripe smoke break up fry even.

    12, be next to boiler to the edge adds right amount boiled water and put yam dumpling on big flesh.

    13, big baked wheaten cake leaves turn into fire to boil receive juice big flesh to give oil to water portion, add element of flavour of right amount salt to flavor finally can.

    14, additional also but the dumpling that has boiled from which winkle is installed dish, come loose again on candy of right amount Bai Sha, the food of sweet taste food that becomes another gust namely!

       3, healthy and delicate small stick person

      1, value of steaky pork nutrition

    Steaky pork calls rib the flesh, three-layer flesh again, be located in the abdomen of the pig, pig abdomen is adipose the organization is very much, among them carry secretly is worn musculature, fat thin interval, friend calls “ steaky pork ” . Pork contains rich high grade protein and indispensible fatty acid, offer blood red element (organic iron) the half Guang ammonia that absorbs with stimulative iron is acerbity, can improve anaemia of the sex that be short of iron. Inside phlegmy sluggish of damp and hot accumulate person careful take. Fat of fat, blood is taller person unfavorable edible.

       2, the edible effect of steaky pork

    Flavour Gan Xian, sex is smooth, enter classics of lienal, stomach, kidney. Filling kidney raises blood, moisten the respiratory tract of method of treating yin deficiency by reinforcing body fluid and nourishing the blood. Advocate treat thirsty of pyretic injury ferry, disappear to thin body of empty of thin, kidney is weak, postpartum deficiency of blood and pathological changes caused by it, dry coughs, shade of liver of constipation, filling empty, method of treating yin deficiency by reinforcing body fluid and nourishing the blood, moisten the respiratory tract, grow, embellish skin, benefit 2 mix stop disappear is thirsty.

    It is small that big flesh burns dumpling make up a badge food that likes most, no matter alimental exterior still is the club with special flavour, suit to appear on the major perhaps party on daily table. Big flesh is burned contain in dumpling those who abound is adipose, anaemic to sufferring from or the crowd of damp and hot has very great help, but the proposal is reducing weight or the crowd little edible with hematic taller fat.

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