The practice of horn of mashed garlic beans

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  •  The closest beans horn is very tender, the price is likely also, the mother-in-law likes to take part of mashed garlic beans, thoroughly cook fabaceous horn with boiled water, deserve to go up hot oil spills the garlic vinegar juice that come out, soft sodden goluptious easy digest!

    The practice of horn of mashed garlic beans, how is horn of mashed garlic beans done delicious

    Advocate makings: ? ?00g of stay of proceedings.

    Complementary makings: ? A few of 5g of bright soy of a few of 15g of 2g of?-6 bead, salt, vinegar, white sugar, flavour pole, balm.

       The practice of horn of mashed garlic beans:

    1. Fabaceous horn picks both ends abluent.

    2. Garlic 5-6 bead.

    3. Turn on the water inside boiler, fabaceous part is put after water leaves, drop a few edible are oily, maintain verdure of fabaceous character facial expression.

    4. Fabaceous horn boils 7-8 minute, to completely squashy fish out.

    5. Iron ripe fabaceous horn fish out to rush cool, cut becomes paragraphs small.

    6. Garlic decorticates chop becomes garlic Chengdu.

    7. Put salt, vinegar, flavour extremely bright soy, white sugar and balm are right amount.

    8. Fry boiler to burn the oil that nod heat, take the advantage of heat to irrigate in garlic bowl, stimulate the sweet smell that gives garlic.

    9. Pour vinegar into the hot pot choke that pours oil to fall into garlic juice again, mashed garlic juice has been done.

    10. Irrigate the garlic mud juice that has made on fabaceous horn to mix divide evenly can be installed dish.

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