The practice of rice crust cutlet

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  • The practice of rice crust cutlet, how rice crust cutlet does?

    [dish name] rice crust cutlet

    [raw material]

    Pig tenderloin flesh 300 grams, rice rice crust 100 grams, dried slices of tender bamboo shoots 50 grams, water sends dried mushrooms 50 grams, pea seedling 50 grams, green 100 grams, ginger 5 grams, garlic 10 grams, bubble chili 10 grams, soy 10 grams, pepper 2 grams, cooking wine 20 grams, gourmet powder 1 gram, white sugar 25 grams, vinegar 15 grams, salt 3 grams, egg white 25 grams, fabaceous pink 30 grams, vegetable oil 250 grams, the pig changes oil 100 grams, xian Shang 50 grams.

       [the process that make]

    1, pig tenderloin flesh goes white veins that stand out under the skin, transversely becomes chip, mix with salt, pepper, cooking wine, gourmet powder divide evenly; hungs up with pink of egg white beans oar.

    2, dried mushrooms goes the base of a fruit piece into piece, dried slices of tender bamboo shoots piece into piece. Green cuts a part, section of ginger, garlic, bubble chili goes seed cuts inclined razor blade. Rice crust breaks 5 centimeters of square (or circle) piece. Add Xian Shang to be opposite with pink of ancient stemmed cup or bowl of soy pepper, cooking wine, gourmet powder, white sugar, vinegar, salt, water Gorgon euryale juice.

    3, on fire of the buy that fry pan, next pigs change oil to burn heat () of about 180 ℃ , fry cutlet into boiler medicinal powder, slip ripe, enter strainer. Bottom oil takes inside boiler, issue dried mushrooms, dried slices of tender bamboo shoots, bubble chili, ginger, garlic, green, fry a bit, next cutlet fry divide evenly, boil enters Gorgon euryale juice, leave pea young plant, close a bit, boiler installs a bowl since, rice crust enters the vegetable oil boiler that burns boil in, scamper comes yellow. Float rises to be scooped namely, load a nest dish, irrigate on a few boil are oily, get on rice crust and the cutlet that had fried at the same time desk, take the advantage of oily very hot at once to drench cutlet become namely on rice crust.


    Serving form is chic, sweet-and-sour fragrance is full-bodied, cutlet slips tender, rice crust crisp.

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