The practice of soup of shredded meat of hot pickled mustard tuber

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  • The practice of soup of shredded meat of hot pickled mustard tuber,

    [raw material] : Hot pickled mustard tuber flesh of 50 grams, tenderloin 100 grams

    [burden] : Carrot half root, egg, Jiang Yi is small, sweet green two root, green vegetables two

    [condiment] : Salt is two teaspoon, black peppery essence of one teaspoon, chicken is half teaspoon, amylaceous one spoon, balm one teaspoon

    The practice of soup of shredded meat of hot pickled mustard tuber:

    1, hot pickled mustard tuber had better choose delicate taste, of raw ingredient. What won’t get the taste of soup is very hot.

    2, pig tenderloin cuts into shreds, carrot cuts into shreds, green vegetables cuts into shreds, green cuts end, ginger grinds mud, egg break up reserves.

    3, oil of half spoon edible is put in boiler, fry green ginger sweet, fry into shredded meat stir-fry before stewing below bleach to shredded meat.

    4, fry into carrot and hot pickled mustard tuber even.

    5, add 4 bowls of water, transfer into salt, black peppery, burn, small fire is stewed boil 20 minutes, cast aside go float foam. Add of one spoon starch one spoon water, tick off Gorgon euryale. Egg liquid is spilled after be being boiled. Come loose to be spent into suspension egg with chopstick agitate.

    6, close fire to put green vegetables silk, gallinaceous essence agitate can. Can be in edible when the balm that put a drop.

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      Network of cate of preserve one’s health is small stick person:

    1, the material of this soup is 4 people portion, can match oil cake or steamed stuffed bun as feed meal, also can serve as rice match soup. Halve of two people portion can.

    2, carrot is fat dissolve sex, want to fry ability to produce the greatest nutrition value.

    3, stewing boiled purpose is to want shredded meat to become tender. Tenderloin flesh does not bloat be soiled, fry directly, soup is very delicate.

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