The effect of red jujube and action eat red jujube to have the world of cate of _ of 5 big gain

The effect of red jujube and action eat red jujube to have 5 big gain

2016-11-16 16:07:33

This red jujube has the effect that fights cancer not to know whether everybody knows! So, small today make up the effect that introduces this red jujube in detail for everybody and action, eat red jujube to have 5 big gain.

Treat low blood pressure

Big jujube 20, hen, cut chicken agglomerate, conflagration stir-fry before stewing is fried, add spice, big jujube boil in a covered pot over a slow fire is added when boiling eight maturity ripe, cent second feed.

Protection is hepatic

Eat 20 red jujubes to be able to prevent hepatitis everyday. Sclerotic to urgent chronic hepatitis, liver patient reachs the patient with serum transaminase higher energy, gong Zaohua is taken to give birth to soup before sleeping every night (red jujube, earthnut, rock candy each 30 grams, red jujube, rock candy is entered after decoct earthnut first) potion, 30 days are one period of treatment, can reduce level of transaminase of serum cereal third.


Donkey-hide gelatin jujube

Fight cancer

Gong Zaofu contains 3 terpene apperception to add up to content and adenosine of 2 phosphoric acid. 3 terpene apperception adds up to content to have the function that controls cancer cell mostly. The person that often feeds red jujube so contracts cancer rarely.

Outspread blood-vessel, fight allergy

Gong Zaozhong contains the material that calls annulus phosphoric acid adenosine in great quantities, it has outspread blood-vessel, fight allergic action. Accordingly red jujube can control irritability violet spot, eat 3 times everyday, eat 10 every time, general 3 days can get effective.

Osteoporosis of prevention and cure

Chinese folk has postpartum what should drink Gong Zaoshang is consuetudinary, because Gong Zaozhong contains a lot ofcalcium and iron,this is, they have main effect to osteoporosis of prevention and cure and postpartum anaemia.

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