Thin + prevent anile lunch to have the world of cate of _ of these 6 kinds of food surely

Thin + prevent anile lunch to have these 6 kinds of food surely

2016-12-02 17:48:46

What does lunch eat the most healthy? We are recommended for you here ” ideal lunch ” big cate

Fight the anile provision that fight cancer — on the west orchid

Recommend reason: Orchid is contained a lot ofon the west fight oxide vitamin C and carotene. Science considers to prove, orchid is best on the west fight consenescence and the food that fight cancer.

Optimal protein origin — cruelly oppress

Recommend reason: Cruelly oppress can offer many high grade protein, and digest absorptivity extremely tall, it is the optimal choice of compensatory and high grade albumen. In the meantime, the cholesterol content in cruelly oppress is very low, in absorb high grade albumen while won’t take more cholesterol. Research makes clear, much fish eating delicacy still conduces to disease of precautionary heart and vessels.

Fall grease food — onion

Recommend reason: Onion but clear blood, conduce to reduce cholesterol.

Fight oxidation provision — bean curd

Recommend reason: Besides lean lean and piscine shrimp kind outside food, bean curd also is good protein origin. In the meantime, legume food contains a kind to be called ” different yellow ketone ” chemical material, it is a kind of effective antioxidant. Ask everybody to remember, “Oxidation ” mean ” anile ” .

Maintain energy food — cabbage patch

Recommend reason: Cabbage patch vitamin C content is very rich, contain a lot offiber at the same time, can promote peristalsis of intestines and stomach, let digestion maintain youthful energy.

Raise colour food — fresh fruit vegetables

Recommend reason: C of rich carotene, vitamin and vitamin E are contained in fresh fruit vegetables. Carotene is the optimal element that fights consenescence, it can maintain human body to organize or the organ is outer constituent health, and the ageing that because oxidation place arises,vitamin C and vitamin E can defer a cell.

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