Smoking crowd feeds vegetables and fruits to reduce the world of cate of _ of lung cancer odds more

Smoking crowd feeds vegetables and fruits to reduce lung cancer odds more

2017-01-19 15:19:43

A lot of people work especially rhythm is fast ” white-collar ” cannot smoke of Buddhist monastic discipline, because feel,be ” blow a cloud ” can life-giving, think not to smoke to be done not have ” inspirational ” . Little imagine, think support smoking is life-giving be equal to is ” exhausted Ma Jiabian ” , not only cannot life-giving, still turn over god of meeting waste time for long.

The person that smoke feels nicotian ” life-giving ” because nicotine has excited nerval effect in short time internal energy,basically be, but can cause toxin accumulation for long however, make nerve arrives after brief excitement ” apical ” , make region is worth nerve excitement to rise ceaselessly, gradually human body needs stronger exciting ability to get excited, become slow in common response thereby. In the meantime, many nicotine can be damaged somewhat to bronchus mucous membrane, pose mean path block easily, make whole lung function drops thereby, build those who become physical power of human body whole to drop.


Carrot rose

More ground edible contains β the green of carotene, yellow and the vegetable fruit with lubricious orange, can reduce the dangerous sex of lung cancer happening, the person that action of this one protection smokes to be in or go to already the person that smoke is particularly apparent.

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