Lotus lotus root is help darling the world of cate of good food _ of dry of autumn of prevention and cure

Lotus lotus root is help darling the good food of dry of autumn of prevention and cure

2016-10-12 17:09:12

Delicacy contains the carbohydrate that is as high as 20% in lotus lotus root, all sorts of protein, vitamins, mineral content is very rich also. Pleasant of be ignorant of of lotus lotus root, contain a lot ofC of amylaceous, protein, vitamin and vitamin B, , and the inorganic salt such as calcic, phosphor, iron, lotus root flesh is digested easily, appropriate darling is nourishing.

The autumn, darling appears very easily skin dry is rhinal and acerbity, thirsty be perturbed, dry, guttural aching, dry cough is little phlegmy wait for autumn dry phenomenon.
Accordingly, new mother should choose a few prophylaxis and treatment for darling more the food of autumn dry, lotus lotus root is worth to recommend particularly. In fresh lotus lotus root, contain the carbohydrate material of 20% and rich calcium, phosphor, iron to reach a variety of vitamins at least, among them the content of vitamin C and cellulose is particularly much also.

Too white lotus root wants careful buy, use hydrochloric acid, vitriolic wait industrial acerbity, undertake immersing handling to lotus lotus root. Can make color of lotus root Pao whiten. When the lotus root that boil exhausted with ironware, lest cause,have food nigrescent.

When the choose and buy gives birth to lotus root, should choose section weak point and thick, since lotus root needle the 2nd is optimal. The bright lotus root that the choose and buy eats raw, pledge with hypertrophy of lotus root body, flesh fragile tender, washy and sweet, the person that contain faint scent ingredient is beautiful. When storing, first lotus root abluent, put into container, the leach that add Qing Dynasty has done not have lotus root, 1 ~ changes every other 2 days water 1.


Soup of chop of corn of lotus lotus root

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