Suit 4-6 5 when the autumn of lunar darling eats complementary feed _ cate the world

Suit 4-6 5 when the autumn of lunar darling eats complementary feed

2016-10-25 09:53:19

4-6 baby food of the month still breeds with the mother (or the recipe is suckled) give priority to, complementary feed add it is main purpose in order to taste foretaste. Additive capacity from a few beginning, begin from 1~2 spoon namely, later step up. Basically offer fluidity and mud mushy food.

Recommend recipe one: Rice water


White congee

Raw material: Rice

Practice: After heating the water inside boiler, put the 200g rice with clean pan, slow fire of the reoccupy after be being boiled boils sodden congee, take superstratum rice water can edible.

Effect: Smell of rice water soup is sweet, contain rich protein, adipose, carbohydrate and calcium, phosphor, iron, b of vitamin C, vitamin.

Recommend recipe 2: Mud of ground meat eggplant


Garlic sweet ground meat heats eggplant sludge

Raw material: Round aubergine 1/3, ground meat of essence of life 1 spoon, wet amylaceous a few, garlic 1/4 valve, a few of salt, sesame oil

Practice: Garlic chop, in adding ground meat of essence of life, mix with wet starch saline mix is even, bloat 20 minutes. 1/3 of round aubergine transversely, take the part that take a skin more that half, the bowl is put on day of eggplant flesh share inside, get on the flesh of eggplant of park of ground meat of essence of life that has bloated, boiler steam comes on crisp sodden, take out, drench on a few sesame oil, mix divide evenly can.

Effect: Benefit pledges at children complement calcium.

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