Darling cries you know the reason that do the world of cate of how many _

Darling cries you know the reason that do how many

2016-10-12 10:14:16

To year young for the baby that still cannot experience with language him expression, crying is their best language, will cause parental attention with cry, tell parents I am hungry, I am thirsty, my make water, I am uncomfortable, cry also became their most practical language. To experienced father and mother, they may understand these languages of darling very easily, but for the parents to doing not have experience, this can be a troublesome issue!

The cry on 1. physiology demand

The child still won’t convey him with the language at the moment demand, when them hungry, thirsty, make water when, they call parents only with their cry, tell father and mother at the moment I how, ask you to help me quickly. Parents is in after hearing cry, examination child encountered what problem, press next should demand satisfies the child, the child can stop cry. The child is not without reason to cry be troubled by, they cry sure somewhat reason, when should hearing the child to cry so, parents had better drop the job on the hand, go to the side of the child immediately, help the child.

The cry on 2. psychology demand

The child comes to new world from maternal uterus, what what they face is sealed space, their safe move is very consequently slight also, want them to feel parents is not beside only, or it is to hear the noise din with a bit heavier what, their metropolis anxiously cries. This is psychological demand cry of the child, remind parents to want company to be beside them, do not have parents attend, they can feel very disturbed. The father and mother that has experience can differentiate when is giving the child physiology demand cries, when be psychological demand cries, usually, the cry on psychological demand, want parents to approach only, the child experiences parental breath, they can stop cry, or be cry gently twice to stop.

Body of 3. child unripe infirmity is unwell

If parents discovers the child day and night anxiously cries be troubled by, not be hungry, also not be make water, sound acuteness, two glazy or it is lock, accompany chaos of hands or feet is kicked, the circumstance such as fretted uneasiness, the child may be to fall ill. Parents can feel the child’s forehead first, look to have a fever, check looks up the child’s skin, look where damaged is aglow, the oral cavity that checks the child looks to have oral cavity disease, through mammy people careful examination can discover a few little state of affairses commonly, had better be immediately cure, the cause of disease is discovered under the help in the doctor, suit the remedy to the case.

How does 4. solve darling to cry be troubled by

If be simple physiology question, parents needs to return the child immediately only beside, adopt a child with the both hands that is full of affection, check looks up the child’s diaper or be other, can do easily calm. But the speed that parents solves a problem and means can affect the child in the future nature growth, parents has effect warmth ground in time to help the child solve a problem, the disposition trend that the child will come to is Yu Yangguang, healthy, upbeat. If parents postpones the time that solves a problem, let the child crying all the time be troubled by, or it is the movement when solving a problem graceless, still taking censure, possible effect is in in the future to the child nature field is fretted, wait without patience, the health that goes against the child grows.

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