Magical 10 kinds of food can fall quickly the world of cate of hematic fat _

Magical 10 kinds of food can fall quickly hematic fat

2012-02-07 14:05:01

BloodFat, it is the place in human body blood contains fat kind floorboard, include triglyceride, phosphatide, cholesterol and free fatty acid to wait. The fat in blood kind content and systemic fat kind the one part with gross fewer than be being occupied only photograph, but it runs however at human body between departmental organization, can mirror a fat inside body commonly kind metabolization circumstance. Fat of normal adult serum kind content is relatively stable, have certain fluctuant limits. Hematic fat level suffers the effect that is not disease element extremely easily, if some people are empty at ordinary times celiac blood fat is normal, ate to scramble egg, the needle that fry liver, hematic fat is checked after 2 hours to the hospital, at this moment hematic fat level is met than ever hollow when horizontal tower above a lot of. But, this kind prandial the effect that cause is temporary only, be in normally 3 ~ after 6 hours, it is normal that hematic fat can tend. The hunger of short time also but because store adipose a large number of accumulating, and make the hematic fat content inside body temporarily elevatory. This does not have a thing again after dinner of the requirement before examination blood fat namely, hollow after 12 hours again the reason that exsanguinate has laboratory test.

10 kinds of food can fall quickly hematic fat

The origin of hematic fat has 2: It is outside of source sex, absorb the; that come from enteron namely 2 be inside of source sex, namely by the organization inside body compositive or be synthesized by liver and come. Below normal circumstance, it suffers the effect of the metabolization inside food component and body very easily. Diabetic fat kind metabolization is disorder, hematic fat lifts apparently commonly. Hematic fat is exorbitant it is the display with a kind of unusual metabolization. Formation reason, have congenital genetic gene drawback, also have adipose metabolization mechanism is diseased inside body, still having is to be based on certain disease, wait like diabetic, hypothyroidism, gout or liver kidney disease. In addition, also have a plenty of originally healthy person eats however gave tall blood fat.

What is disease of tall blood fat? The hematic fat of normal person maintains dynamic balance inside certain limits. Because detect the method is differ reach place to choose a crowd to differ, the normal value that each lab uses is different also, when so the cholesterol in plasma of abdomen of high above in the sky, triglyceride or chroma of low density lipoprotein exceed upper limit of normal and referenced limits, can regard tall blood as fat.

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