The world of cate of acidity fruit _ takes more when the cold

Acidity fruit eats more when the cold

2014-02-10 10:12:56

Guide language: The tall lady of Henan caught a cold recently, the doctor suggests she wants to eat raw or cold food less. So, does this moment suit draft fruit? It what fruit eat is better to what fruit eat?

Actually, it is to be able to eat fruity when the cold, acidity fruit is worth to recommend especially. Generally speaking, the vitamin C that the fruit place of mouthfeel acid contains often is compared much. For instance, ” Chinese food component is expressed ” medium data shows, 100 grams wild jujube contains the vitamin C of 900 milligram, achieved Chinese nutrition to learn to recommend 9 times of the quantity everyday each.

In addition, the mouthfeel such as hawkthorn and sanded thorn fruit also contains rich vitamin C in acerbity fruit. Vitamin C is a kind of powerful antioxidant, can enhance body strength.

Acidity fruit eats more when the cold

Those who understand more hawkthorn have a way, recommend beautiful day special subject: Qiu Dong comes to ” of hawkthorn love “

Research makes clear, after head cold, the vitamin C that takes large dose can shorten the course of diseases of the cold, shift to an earlier date heal. Materia medica considers to confirm, vitamin C has the effect that combats histamine, to alleviating the unwell feeling such as n&v snuffle is helpful. Vitamin C is the vitamin of a kind of water-solubility, if absorb much meeting from the eduction in make water. Its noxiousness is very accordingly low, won’t produce any side effect from be absorbed among fruit vegetable.

To same for the fruit of kind of breed, may advanced reason causes acid content of cause and effect mouthfeel sick at heart, the content of its vitamin C does not compare mouthfeel certainly sweet tall.

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