Super the world of cate of _ of a few kinds of food of filling kidney

Super a few kinds of food of filling kidney

2015-03-17 13:04:11

Guide language: As the constant change of the life, male pressure is greater and greater, common disease comes to physiology function obstacle of the male more more much, bring about spermatozoon quality to begin to drop. Although Zhuang Yang’s means has a lot of kinds, but expert most the Zhuang Yang method of praise highly is mixed besides dietotherapy outside cure of medicine of doctor of traditional Chinese medicine, other do not recommend. Common and effective and the law of medical cure dietotherapy of simple easy operation by the following kinds:

1, egg kind: Egg kind it is the replenishers with best spermatozoon, have by Wu Han rich protein, adipose with a variety of vitamins, and still contain zinc, zinc is the main component of careful afterbirth, alleged ” what to eat to fill what ” .

2, nutlet: Nutlet can be put into the exudation of male sex hormone, make its the rule is changed. Especially the function of walnut and big jujube, can remove be good at kidney, enrich the blood, the function of beneficial stomach and embellish lung.

Cake of nutlet violet potato

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