Govern the world of tumor _ cate with gram opportunely

Treat tumor with gram opportunely

2016-09-19 09:31:29

The doctor of traditional Chinese medicine has a word, “Constipation 100 pathogeny ” . If defecate is illogical, large intestine is foul, lung is illogical; Lung is illogical, easy Yu writtens guarantee inside body.

Lung belongs to gold, golden unboiled water. Water squashs through pressure upgrade, if kidney enrages inadequacy, water go up not to come. Lung is water official, water is old go up not to come, lung is heated up easily; Lung heats up knot of easy Yu, grow tumor easily. Additional, excessive and anxious, constipation, the food that loves to eat deepfry food, souse or barbecue are waited a moment, make tumor became cancer finally. Wang Yangfu of expert of doctor of traditional Chinese medicine thinks, this is the cause of formation of cancer.

More than 1000 years ago, our country is famous ” medical king ” Sun Saimiao, ever had treated a classical lung cancer patient. Treating plan is, everyday 3 jins of gram match licorice, dinner is given priority to with strip aubergine, some of Bai Luobo eats before sleeping. Cooperate to prick hematic therapeutics additionally, the blood of where to put? Control double foot namely the first with the 2nd foot. 10 original days, put blood everyday; 20 days subsequently, every two days put blood. Instead of the 2nd month criterion puts blood 3 days. Heal of the patient after 3 months, after the event sums up Sun Saimiao; Treat a disease dietotherapy is first.

Why can gram treat tumor? ” a book on Chinese medicine opening treasure ” character its ” boil feed, subsidence of a swelling leaves energy of life, press hot detoxify. ” dietotherapy a book on Chinese medicine ” criterion the cloud its ” benefiting vigour, harmonic the five internal organs, bring vitality, row 12 passages through which vital energy circulates, go float wind, embellish skin, appropriate often feeds. Gram detoxify result is favorable, summer boils gram soup to drink surpass all beverage.

Nature has unripe, long, close, tibetan rule, human body also is same. For instance spring, be human body this world when gas anabiosises, we should get used to the rule, make in relief gas successful sprout, expand. Say so, want healthy, food crops food grains other than wheat and rice; The body often discharges poison, drink gram congee more; Do not grow tumor, be far from cancer.

The practice that gram puts on the ice

Gram ice

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