Haemorrhoid need not officinal this kind of dish is brushed brush the world of cate of good _

Haemorrhoid need not officinal this kind of dish is brushed it is good to brush

2017-02-28 13:40:02

It is too painful to got haemorrhoid, go up every time toilet, do not take care ” chrysanthemum ” do not protect, think dead heart had. How to protect chrysanthemum? We view a few kinds of common protection first ” chrysanthemum ” , eliminate ” haemorrhoid ” method.

It which have remedial pile actually is so painful that which have remedial pile actually, because you did not seek way of the other side,all anguish are. Seek way of the other side, light light Song Song drives away haemorrhoid.

Haemorrhoid, brush with common dish it is good to brush

1, purslane + egg

Pick the dish tip that takes purslane, about 49, wash clean next mincing, add clear water to boil. Hit 6-7 inside boiler next egg, boil can. Can use brush, also can eat directly. If eat, do not add any condiment, hollow in the morning eat it is OK to go down.

2, fig leaf

A bit pickedder fig leaf, it is OK also to wash clean bubble water to drink, it is OK also that after be being boiled directly, the buttock is cleaned with juice. Fig leaf is very pretty good to the effect of haemorrhoid.

3, the rhizome of Chinese goldthread dips in wine is brushed

Take a the rhizome of Chinese goldthread to grind first pulverize, pour little liquor to go in next, the autograph that use cotton is dipping in to brush haemorrhoid. Before sleeping everyday, brush, insist to brush a few days to be able to discover haemorrhoid alleviated.

4, caraway

Do a small caraway, the clear water after be being washed clean is boiled, after be being boiled, fall in the salver that hurry instantly, take the advantage of heat to fume first fume the buttock. When thermal drop is gotten about the same later, clean well with caraway juice next ” chrysanthemum ” . Haemorrhoid looks to have improvement after holding to one week.

If you used all sorts of groovy methods to fail,make do haemorrhoid, that tries small invent taught this a few device, those who write down so that insist to just can have guarded oneself only ” chrysanthemum ” ministry area.

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