6 kinds of food alleviate the world of cate of lumbar ache _

6 kinds of food alleviate the waist is aching

2017-04-07 09:43:20

Lumbago is a problem that many office worker must face, so how does lumbago do? How alleviate effectively? That takes you to understand understanding together below.

Lumbago is in the life very common, especially white-collar gens is to belong to tall danger crowd more. So how to alleviate lumbago?

5 kinds alleviate the method of lumbago

1. goes

The abdomen must close when going, muscle wants to exert oneself to do sth. at the back of ham, with making the pelvis regains normal position. In the begining, can undertake indoors, try take a few steps, after suiting slowly, can arrive outdoor, choose park, playground, look for a person’s little hollowness region, must notice safety, avoid to be blundered by stone or fraise.

2. hot compress

Blood of stimulative waist sarcous circulates. Can use hot towel or hot-water bottle is put in corresponding place, beware scald.

3. heel is fastened too tall

Proposal female does not wear too expensive shoe, increase lumbar overworked so easily, stand for a long time, the person that walk should be worn less as far as possible. Additional, female be in physiology period and lactation had better be not to wear small waist pants.

4. flying swallow nods water to move

Fu lies, backside of both hands park, limb reachs bosom to go up at the same time carry, leave bed area, reductive. The requirement holds 10 seconds, do 10.

5. does chore

Sweep the floor, when pulling the land, broom or a lengthen that pull cloth, remove a waist to work continuously, in order to avoid excessive curve the waist, create the strain of lumbar flesh.

6 kinds alleviate the food of lumbago

1. salmon

Contain in salmon and mackerel ” aching Ke Xing ” — ω – 3 fatty acid. But, the certain material that contains in the mackerel is harmful for exorbitant to uric acid person, accordingly, should alleviate lumbago, hand is painful… insist to eat 2-3 second salmon every week.

2. strawberry

According to textual research, a kind of antioxidant that can reduce ache is had in strawberry. In the meantime, strawberry contains a lot ofvitamin C, consider to make clear, vitamin C can help the anguish that after people reduces skeletal orthopaedic operation, experiences.

3. grape

Grape and grape juice often can have the demulcent effect of similar aspirin, because alcohol of white black false bellebore is contained in the grape,this basically is. Eat bit of grape everyday or drink bit of wine, can alleviate chronic ache, but be sure to keep in mind bishop to cannot be drunk more, alcohol content also can harm the body too much.

4. nut

Also contain in the nut such as almond, walnut a few ω – 3 fatty acid and antioxidant, conduce to alleviate the body is aching. Office gens can add nut salad in the mug-up afternoon.

5. ginger

Ginger is us in daily life often a kind of flavor of edible. The active part such as ketone of the ginger hot element that Jiangzhong contains, Jiang You, have demulcent effect, be in ancient time best anodyne. This also is why to advocate when dysmenorrhoea drink tea of brown sugar ginger, do not warm with dispel the wind because of Jiang Ke merely palace.

6. olive oil

Olive oil is called ” liquid gold ” , contain in olive oil fight oxidation richly much phenol and saturation are adipose, wait for ache to the fracture after motion, it is certain to have alleviate action.

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