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Can these food collocation treat a disease?

2017-07-05 16:00:20

There is the food that can treat a disease more very much in the life, perhaps you had not been cared about, so what is you common do not know to have however treat a disease the food of the effect? Look together!


What differ with ordinary white sugar is, the dextrose in honey and fructose do not need to be digested via human body, can be absorbed to use by cell of wall of human body bowel directly, because this won’t be aggravating gastric bowel burden, this wants to be being attached most importance to especially for the children, person that restore after old people and disease.


A variety of vitamins are contained in honey, especially vitamin of B a group of things with common features is most, vitamin of B a group of things with common features is contained in honey of every 100 grams 300, 400 microgramme.

Organic acid

A variety of acid are contained in honey, organic acid basically has He Ping of dextrose acid, citric acid, lactic acid, acetic acid, fourth acid, formic acid the; inorganic such as fruit acid is acerbity basically phosphoric acid, hydrochloric acid waits.


The mineral content that contains in honey is not high, but sort is more, the Potassium that is like good body and mind, strong anything resembling a tendon or vein is the phosphor of the calcium of be good at bone, be good at head and the magnesium that have composed effect, supplementary haemal iron, copper.


How many what what enzymatic amount contains in honey, namely the discretion of enzymatic value, it is to examine a of bad of honey quality actor main index, make clear the discretion of the maturity of honey and nutrient value. Because honey is medium,containing enzymatic, just make honey has the special function that other saccharide food does not have. These are enzymatic it is a bee add in the process that brew honey go in, originate apian saliva, basically be sugar cane carbohydrase, this kind enzymatic can change the cane sugar in nectar into dextrose and fructose; to still have amylase, dextrose oxygen additionally enzymatic, reductive enzymatic, change enzymatic, phosphoric acid enzymatic, kind albumen is enzymatic etc.

Collocation of 8 kinds of food treats a disease opportunely

Pork liver + spinach

Sanitarian effect: Anaemia of prevention and cure. Nutrient principle: Pork liver contains a lot ofthe hematopoiesis raw material such as B12 of folic acid, vitamin and iron, spinach also contains more folic acid and iron, eat two kinds of food together, one meat or fish one element, supplement each other.

Fish + bean curd

Sanitarian effect: Flavour delicacy, filling calcium, can prevent a variety of bone disease, be like children rachitic, osteoporosis. Nutrient principle: Bean curd contains a large number of calcium to pledge, if sheet eats, its absorptivity is inferior, but eat together with the cruelly oppress that contains a lot ofvitamin D, the absorption to calcium and use can rise much better effect.

Hotpot + ginger

Health care: The winter makes fill Xu Jia is tasted, can treat a waist the back is cold ache of rheumatism of painful, limb. Nutrient principle: Hotpot can fill gas blood and lukewarm kidney this world, ginger has the effect such as acetanilide dispel rheumatism. Feed together, ginger can go already the flavor such as smelling of fish or mutton, can dispel of conduce hotpot Wen Yang is cold.

Chicken + chestnut

Sanitarian effect: Enrich the blood raise a body, comfortable the person at anaemia. Nutrient principle: Chicken is hematopoiesis cure empty article, chestnut is in again be good at lienal. Chestnut carbonado tastes not only delicious, hematopoiesis function is stronger, burn chestnut effect with old hen especially much better.

Bean curd + turnip

Sanitarian effect: Advantageous digest. Nutrient principle: Bean curd contains a lot ofvegetable protein, the person with young taste is fed more can cause indigestion. The turnip has very strong aid digestion capacity, boil together can make bean curd nutrition is absorbed in great quantities.

Claret + earthnut

Sanitarian effect: Beneficial heart. Nutrient principle: The part of aspirin is contained in claret, the compound white pear that increase contains in pignut is mellow, both eats together can prevent thrombosis, assure cardiovascular unobstructed.

Egg + lily

Sanitarian effect: Moisten the respiratory tract of method of treating yin deficiency by reinforcing body fluid and nourishing the blood, clear heart calms the nerves. Nutrient principle: Lily can be clear phlegmy fire, filling empty caustic, and yoke can divide irritated heat, filling shade blood,

Sesame seed + kelp

Sanitarian effect: Hairdressing, prevent consenescence. Nutrient principle: Sesame seed can improve haemal circulation, stimulative metabolism, reduce cholesterol. Kelp contains rich iodine and calcium, can purify blood, promote the synthesis of thyroid element. Feed a hairdressing together, defy anile result much better.

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