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Gastric ulcer is very provoking, still get dietotherapy to go up!

2017-07-12 16:23:59

To gastric ulcer this is planted for the disease, although not be the disease that what causes a person to die, but of gastric ulcer come on also can bring tremendous anguish to the patient. For this people need thinks method treats gastric ulcer to just go, small make up a proposal to do it from food. So it what gastric ulcer eats is good that what gastric ulcer eats? The dietotherapy that introduces gastric ulcer of a few cure for everybody next square, look together?

It what gastric ulcer eats is good that what gastric ulcer eats?

One, cropland 7 eggs a thick soup

Material: Tian Qimo 3 grams, lotus root juice 30 milliliter, egg 1, white sugar a few.

Practice: Break the egg, enter the agitate in the bowl. With Xian Ouzhi and Tian Qimo, add white sugar, with egg agitate divide evenly, lie between water to stew ripe take feed.

Effect: Can treat ulcer of hematic Yu gastric ulcer, duodenum and haemorrhage.

2, safflower honey water

Material: Safflower 5 grams, honey, brown sugar each are right amount.

Practice: Put safflower in vacuum cup, boiling water develops bubble, the lid is good, classics bubble after 10 minutes, immediately transfers into honey, brown sugar, take the advantage of hot drink to take.

Effect: This tea service has and effect of ulcer of gastric benefit bowel, acetanilide dispel.

3, soup of abdomen of pig of white peppery Bao

Material: Pig abdomen 1, white peppery 15g.

Practice: Bai Hu any of several hot spice plants is washed clean, break into pieces slightly, take out pig gut 1 (go miscellaneous, abluent) , turn on the water right amount, slow fire Bao, after flavorring, take feed.

Effect: This kind of cookbook applies to disease of Xu Han ulcer.

4, the egg is stewed 37

Material: Egg 1, honey 30 grams, 37 pink 3 grams.

Practice: Infiltrate the egg the agitate in the bowl, join 37 pink to mix divide evenly, lie between water to stew ripe add honey again smooth take feed, daily 1 agent.

Effect: 37 hemostatic fight phlogistic, honey fills in beneficial is angry, be good at taste. This Fang Keshu liver regulating the flow of vital energy and removing obstruction to it, with the stomach be good at lienal, apply to on the abdomen is aching, vomiting, companion disgusting, belch.

Other dietotherapy square

Divide to the differentiate card of gastric ulcer according to the doctor of traditional Chinese medicine model, the patient can choose to use the following dietotherapy square:

1, Wen Zhongjian’s lienal dietotherapy square

But congee of red jujube of edible polished glutinous rice, polished glutinous rice and red jujube are right amount, boil congee together, but often edible; Drink of gooey black tea, black tea 5 grams, in buy vacuum cup, develop bubble with boiling water, build lukewarm dip 10 minutes, transfer into again honey and brown sugar are right amount and drinkable.

2, disappear is fed guide the dietotherapy of sluggish square

Can edible radish child congee, radish child after frying, grind end, take gram of 10 grams ~15 every time, increase meter of 50 grams, boil the edible after congee together.

3, the dietotherapy of scanty liver regulating the flow of vital energy and removing obstruction to it square

Can congee of edible tangerine skin, tangerine skin is mincing, increase meter of 50 grams, both boil congee together, ripe hind edible.

4, the dietotherapy that raises Yin Yiwei square

Can choose honey, take honey 50 milliliter, add warm boiled water after 250 milliliter are strong, hollow when drinkable; Yi Ke is drinkable milk honey, take milk 250 milliliter, honey of person of the attune after boil 50 milliliter, smooth hind drinkable.

5, the dietotherapy that invigorate the circulation of blood changes Yu square

But drinkable a variety of Chinese cabbage juice, a variety of Chinese cabbage 250 grams, abluent hind chop, bloat with a few salt mix 10 minutes, wring with clean gauze take juice, add white sugar right amount, daily cent 3, hollow and drinkable.

6, the dietotherapy of have diarrhoea heat and stomach square

Can choose watermelon water, take out watermelon flesh, after crowded juice drinkable; Also can choose cabbage juice, will fresh cabbage is abluent, pound, wrap up with clean gauze wring juice, before eat warm water milliliter of 200 milliliter ~300, daily 2, 10 days are a period of treatment.

7, Wen Zhong comes loose cold dietotherapy square

Can choose fine ginger congee, fine ginger end 15 grams, rice 150 grams, water 2000 milliliter. Use ginger of fine of water simmer in water first, take juice 1500 milliliter, go issueing edible of meter of the congee that boil again after broken bits. Also can choose a thick soup of face of any of several hot spice plants, 10 grams fry plain any of several hot spice plants end, flour 120 grams, both mix even, join salt to reach a few beans Chi, make it noodle or it is the edible after a thick soup that boil.

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