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Error: Through yoke color can identify egg giving bavin

2012-02-07 12:00:26

Hen people once owned capacious scope of operation happily, have freedom. In those days, the yoke of the egg is buff when in the winter, went to what summer becomes golden look. Vitelline color depends on above all kind of carotene that contains in feed. This is one kind is contained yellow, red the organic pigment of two kinds of color, appear in corn, carrot and sweetbell redpepper not only, also have in green grass repeatedly. In the winter, what the hen eats basically is brush from inside wearing any mortar-shaped thing sweep the leftover material that come down, namely some hodgepodge of food crops food grains other than wheat and rice, they are contained only a few kind of carotene, because of this hen people next buff vitelline egg. When waiting for summer to come, the hen can arrive freely in green field go searching feed, next the egg is golden color, even yoke is Gong Zong is lubricious — this should inspect particular case and 
Calm, should seeing them is to like to eat vegetable fruit or like locust chafer. The hen that unapproachable bavin egg comes from the happiness that bringing summer sun namely — this yearns for every just about pure of natural consumer expect.

But today, season also cannot have effect again to vitelline color. Egg ” king people ” already hep hen past of this Duan Xingfu, also understand thoroughly a client to return to natural psychology, they applied a method to satisfy the client’s desire slightly. We read a few content that concern this respect in a professional book: “Because color won’t affect the nutrient value of the egg, involve accordingly it is dinkum only ‘ hairdressing ‘ problem… the pigment content that kind of carotene adds to be not worth in order to complement in past feed, obtain the golden yellow of expectation till yoke. ” the change of color came out very quickly now with respect to body, need 14 days only, people can yoke complete ” change a color ” . For example, the pigment of golden color is OK extract from inside golden corn and lucerne pink, hang the pigment that red contains in bell corn and gules sweetbell redpepper. However this kind of natural raw material has a deadly drawback however: The content of pigment and quality are very not stable, accordingly, for insurance for the purpose of, people is flat and direct artificial complex is added in past feed kind carotene, such, yoke is OK really no matter wintry summer presents same color. But use this kind of compound feed to still have an a hard nut to crack, because this is planted,the yoke color of not negative people’s expectations must be become. If these color are done not have smooth, so possible meeting sees double lubricious yoke in the egg that thoroughly cook; Or color is moved not quite well and truly, if scale is incorrect, so in egg rework product, vitelline color is complete let the cat out of the bag, be in for example egg noodles or the egg is sweet in arrack, meeting extensive gives ash green motley.

Machining itself of modulation yoke color is an art, because besides pigment, still have other a few kinds of element also need to be in feed talent of put to good use, use at stabilizing composition of the antioxidant of colour and lustre, barley and mould poison for instance. Still cannot forget those pitiful hens! Disease, medicaments perhaps lives condition (take or do not bring natural light) also can affect vitelline color, nevertheless, fortunately all these will be arranged in perfect orderly.

Knock an egg when breakfast the next time when you, when letting yoke smile aglitter to you, ask you to praise in unfeignedly nature while, also exclaim the uncanny workmanship of egg maker! Day! Who can believe, allegedly at the moment this how natural yoke facial expression is true unexpectedly?

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