Soybean products is unfavorable take _ cate the world more

Soybean products is unfavorable eat more

2012-02-07 12:06:54

AllTubal soya bean contains a lot ofprotein, but eat soya bean to be able to complement more this kind of protein viewpoint is a mistake.

Because,this is, although the protein that soya bean contains is much, but amino acerbity sort is little, and contain 7 – 10 kinds of protein digestive depressor, hamper the assimilation of soya bean is absorbed, still can produce many gas, make abdomen bloated. More adverse is, the protein digestive depressor in soya bean makes the protein of soybean products itself is digested hard not only, and can affect other alimental to digest, reason soybean products is unfavorable eat more.

Soybean products is unfavorable eat more

Protein is the nutrient material that human body uses at organizing an organ to grow to injure place to need with repair. Milk, egg kind, lean lean and birds kind the optimal origin that is protein, the indispensible and amino acid that because these food contain human body place,needs (human body cannot complex amino acid) . Also can obtain one part protein from inside fruit, vegetable, cereal and legume food, but the amino acerbity sort that these protein embody is not whole, must with contain the food with amino comprehensive acid to cooperate edible.

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