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The hairdressing nutrition value of rabbit meat

2012-02-07 12:10:21

HareThe flesh is a kind of high protein, low adipose food, have nutrition already, won’t make a person fat again, it is good hairdressing food. Content of rabbit meat protein is as high as 21.5% , it is porky almost one times, more than beef piece 18.7% , taller than chicken 33% , and adipose content is 3.8% , it is porky 1/16, the 1/7 of hotpot, the 1/5 of beef. The cholesterol in rabbit meat is all flesh kind in of lowest. The lecithin composition in rabbit meat compares pig, ox, sheep, chicken to be digested more easily. Rabbit meat is fresh and tender, cellulose is much, and connective tissue is little, much flesh having rabbit can make the phosphatide in human body blood increases, reduce the ill effect of cholesterol.

Be in Japan, rabbit meat is called ” hairdressing flesh ” , get the favour of young woman.

Rabbit meat is good in quality and cheap in price, its flesh qualitative fiber is thin, flavour is delicious, the design and color of cook is very much, can make the meat of rabbit of meat of rabbit of meat of meat of rabbit of braise in soy sauce, oily stew rabbit, sauce, bittern, pork that fume hare, and meat of the earthenware pot rabbit that stew. Hubei name dish ” meat of rabbit of the five spices ” very famous, its make a way is the hare that will bloated and has boiled fleshy piece puts the bittern in thick gravy boiler half hour, sesame-seed oil is wiped after air is cool, cut small outfit dish, smooth mashed garlic, sesame-seed oil and sauce are used when edible dip in feed, exquisite and delicious, fragrance is full-bodied.

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