“The world of cate of _ of optimal schedule of fruit eat “

“Optimal schedule of fruit eat “

2012-02-07 12:12:30

Hawkthorn is unfavorable eat in the morning

Hawkthorn has medicinal powder silt disappear is accumulated, expectorant detoxify, sunstroke prevention drops in temperature, stomachic wait for effect. But hollow edible or taste empty weak, can not take food in early in the morning, gastritis and hydrochloric acid in gastric juice are overmuch person should feed less.

Eat after breakfast on the west shaddock is life-giving

Shaddock contains substantial pectic part on the west, can reduce the content of cholesterol of low density lipoprotein, but as a result of among them acid content is more, had better use after the meal accordingly, especially after breakfast, can make cerebrum quickly sober.

Broadleaf plant, red jujube is very popular before eat

Banana contains very tall potassium, beneficial to heart and sarcous function, red jujube contains many vitamin C, reason has ” bolus of natural vitamin C ” good name, the edible before eat had better.

Meal hind eats pineapple aid digestion

Fresh pineapple contains protein enzymatic, if hollow eat, the albumen of pineapple decomposes enzymatic meeting to harm gastric wall, the small number of people still can cause allergic reaction. Because this appropriate is after eat edible, still can help aid digestion.

Persimmon had better eat in the evening

Many persimmon glue and tan are contained to pledge in persimmon, hollow in the morning edible, hydrochloric acid in gastric juice is met to it action, form clot, namely ” gastric persimmon stone ” , serious effect digests a function, after appropriate meal or in the evening edible.

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