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Do not eat these 6 kinds of breakfast again

2012-02-07 12:15:45

Do not have breakfast the harm to the body, had been realised by more and more person place. Breakfast must eat, but also should notice how to should eat at the same time, how ought not to eat. Impertinent early meal feeds a habit, same meeting damages your health, take away your joy. A few kinds of quite welcome common breakfast have a way, you want to remember: Cannot eat so!

Have a way one: “Aftertaste breakfast “

Do not eat these 6 kinds of breakfast again

Breakfast content: Leftover dish, or leftover dish fries dish of meal, leftover to boil noodle to wait a moment

Welcome reason: Of many families ” mom ” when can making dinner, do more a few, do to the child and domestic person in the morning the following day fry a meal, perhaps heat up the meal that remain. Such breakfast is made convenient, content is rich, basic with prandial as good as, be thought nutrition is comprehensive normally.

The expert criticizes an aspect: After leftover dish of the previous night, vegetable possibility arises inferior nitric acid () of a kind of carcinogen, eat go in harm of can healthy to human body generation.

Proposal: The vegetable that takes surplus does not take again as far as possible; the rest other edibles cooks breakfast, must have saved, lest deteriorate; The food that takes from freezer should heat fully.

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