Raise shade to prevent excessive to fill feed melon to defend the world of cate of bad abdomen _

Raise shade to prevent excessive to fill feed melon to prevent bad abdomen

2012-02-07 12:18:19

StandThe Ying Shen after Qiu Zhi feeds melon kind fruit, taste empty is cold person should abstain from especially.

“White Dew is not shown ” prevent Qiu Han

After White Dew passes, climate becomes cool gradually, early in the morning one evening more add chill, if at this moment again barebacked shows body, with respect to easy catch cold catch cold, light easy head cold, catch lobar disease easily again. Because of autumn gas advocate dry, dry hurts lung easily. If because of catch a cold immunize force drops, the evil outside resisting feebly, can appear lung and respiratory tract disease, if have a fever, cough, bronchitic, pneumonic wait, if wind evil encroachs bones and muscles of main and collateral channels, make pain or numbness caused by cold of block of main and collateral channels, can appear disease of limb pain or numbness caused by cold.

Careful feed autumn melon to prevent bad abdomen

Civilian adage ” autumn melon bad abdomen ” it is to point to to continue to be born after the Beginning of Autumn feed a large number of melon kind the fruit causes disease of gastric bowel path easily to suffer from. Summer is fed in great quantities although melon is unapt cause taste disease to suffer from, already made force of disease-resistant of intestines and stomach drops somewhat however, be born in great quantities again after the Beginning of Autumn eat melon and fruit, certainly will more aid Shi Xie, injure lienal this world, lienal this world is depressed cannot carry turn water wet, next diarrhoea, dysentery, the disease of path of bowel of urgent chronic stomach such as jalf congealed happens subsequently. Accordingly, ying Shen feeds melon after the Beginning of Autumn kind fruit, taste empty is cold person should abstain from especially.

Autumn raises shade to prevent excessive to fill

According to the doctor of traditional Chinese medicine ” Chun Xia raises this world, qiu Dong raises shade ” principle, already entered autumn to enter the season that fill now. But into fill cannot fill in disorder, should notice to be not entered without disease fill not to divide excessive to fill with false or true. Remedial principle of the doctor of traditional Chinese medicine is empty person fill, not be empty disease patient shoulds not be with invigorator. Empty disease has the branch of deficiency of blood and pathological changes caused by it of deficiency of yin with irritability, deficiency of yang, deficiency of vital energy, gas, take medical ability benefiting body to disease, be just the opposite to what one wished otherwise; Notice to enter even fill right amount, avoid is fed with medical generation, medicine fills be inferior to feeding fill. Feed fill to be given priority to with moisten the respiratory tract of method of treating yin deficiency by reinforcing body fluid and nourishing the blood, specific include to be like flesh of lung of black bone chicken, pig, chelonian, bird’s nest, tremella, honey, sesame seed, soya-bean milk, lotus root, walnut, the seed of Job’s tears, earthnut, duck’s egg, spinach, pear to wait, criterion effect is much better.

Autumn takes exercise have ” 3 prevent “

Autumn season insists to take exercise, not only can lung of take good care of sb is angry, improve the function of lung organ, and the immune function that is helpful for enhancing each to organize an organ and body are exciting to exterior chill resist ability. However, because difference in temperature of autumn morning and evening is big, want to get favorable gymnastical result, must notice 3 prevent:

Prevent cold of catch cold catch cold, air temperature of autumn day early morning is low, should come according to change of outdoor air temperature dress of increase and decrease. After the body should be being waited for to give out heat when taking exercise, just can take off next overmuch dresses; The avoid by all means after taking exercise wears the dress with wet sweat to linger in air cooling, with self-defence body catch a cold.

2 prevent athletic damage, because muscle ligament of the person drops in air temperature,ground of sex of reflex of the meeting in the environment is caused vasomotor, muscle extends latitude of emulsion to be reduced apparently, articulatory physiology activity is spent reduce, neurological drop to ability of athletic organ adjusting control, cause muscle, tendon, ligament and articulatory athletic loss extremely easily consequently. Accordingly, before moving every time, must notice to had done sufficient warming-up.

3 defend campaign excessive, the autumn because gas of this world of essence of human body shade is lying inside convergence raise level, reason motion also should comply with this one principle, carry momentum shoulds not be too big namely, in case desudation, this world enrages consume, athletic appropriate chooses relaxed and gently, activity to measure not big project.

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