Belt having rice nods the world of cate of branny advantageous and healthy _

Belt having rice nods branny advantageous health

2012-02-07 12:28:27

Essence of lifeThe nutrition of rice not as good as unpolished rice and standard rice, corn treatment is to pass proper mill, eliminate impurity and branny skin, but in embryo of much consist in of the vitamin in corn and prandial fiber and bran, the vitamin that machines more careful rice face place to contain so is less, nutrient value not as good as unpolished rice wide range. If rice face is machined beyond the mark and coarse, what make the character of food sense organ that give bad, can reduce digestive absorptivity. According to the requirement of economy and nutrient respect, our country machines paddy rice commonly ” 92 ” rice, namely 50 kilograms of unpolished rice machine 46 kilograms of rice, 50 jins of wheaten treatment become 42.5 kilograms of flour namely ” 85 ” pink, also namely standard pink. From the point of nutrient angle, pink of standard rice, standard more accord with human body need.

Often eat face of rice of essence of life to go against healthy not little family rice of long-term edible essence, crystal rice and fine flour, cause vitamin B1 shortage easily, make the person suffers from on beriberi (the much neuritis that send a gender) . The mother of lactation is long-term face of edible essence rice, still can make the baby suffers from on beriberi. Additional, the branny bran of face of rice of essence of life decreases apparently, among them cellulose also can decrease, prandial in devoid food fiber, it is to bring about colonic cancer, high cholesterol hematic disease, diabetic and the pathogeny with the direct or indirect disease such as constipation, haemorrhoid. So, “Dot of belt having rice is branny, be helpful for health ” the view is reasonable.

How staple food of health of choose and buy:

1, do not have blind faith in face of rice of essence of life, pink of rice of standard of choose and buy, standard, accord with human body health to need.

2, the staple food on table also answer degree of finish is tie-in, breed diversity, the family that is fond of face of the rice that eat energy mights as well the coarse food grain that increase a point and food grains other than wheat and rice.

3, the prediction of a person’s luck in a given year that nutriment also should avoid when staple food cook, rice pan frequency is unfavorable and overmuch, avoid exerts oneself to do sth. rub is washed, avoid is rinsed with running water and hot water pan.

4, the avoid when the cooked rice that boil is done ” rice boiled ” , when eating noodle and dumpling, did not forget to drink water in which noodles have been boiled, can avoid the loss of the nutriment in staple food well so.

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