With dish of greenery of microwave oven cook the world of cate of more healthy _

With dish of greenery of microwave oven cook more healthy

2012-02-07 12:30:28

Microwave oven already was the kitchen good helper with a necessary home, besides heat at ordinary times food, people also stews egg, fried dish with it, boil boiling water even, facilitate already, still discharge the suffering of lampblack, suffer housewife especially people welcome. But microwave cook is opposite at ordinary times decoct blast is boiled stew, be good be bad?

With dish of greenery of microwave oven cook more healthy

Microwave cook is the new way that makes food element fast heat. What it heats, basically be the water element in food actually, agree with so all sorts of food that contain a lot ofmoisture.

Microwave cook can be more withhold a vitamin. Because microwave cook efficiency is taller, what need time shorter, give water less, when reach maturity or achieving antiseptic requirement, the loss of all sorts of vitamins fries the method of cook under oil, more boil a method under water greatly.

Microwave cook can keep vegetable and fresh. A research that does with green asparagus can show an issue. To make asparagus can, investigator designed equipment of a few kinds of sterilization, one is microwave loop water heats system, another is high-pressured water heats system, still common steam heats system. Send those who show microwave system sterilization to fight oxidation active to compare finally other two kinds of methods are even a few taller. Microwave cook can maintain vegetable color delicacy green, chlorophyll loss is lesser. After the dish that be like suffering passes microwave cook, chlorophyll loss has 8.2% only, and the loss of chlorophyll is amounted to after scald is very hot 46.9% .

Microwave oven still can decrease heat the carcinogen of a generation. Consider to discover, microwave heats time is short, control easily, cause not easily heat inhomogenous and heat exceeding phenomenon, can reduce food high temperature to heat so the carcinogen of a generation, the heterocyclic amine that for instance protein overheat forms, still have starch kind the propylene acyl amine that food overheat produces.

Nevertheless, everything is advantageous have disadvantage, microwave cook may reduce the meat in content of beneficial fatty acid. In report of a newest research, to the fatty acid after beef heats change undertook determining. Some heats with microwave, some boils means to heat with traditional evaporate, arrive all the time till the intermediate temperature of beef is identical. Result discovery, with evaporate photograph of the means that boil is compared, when microwave heats, ou Miga the scale of 3 drops apparently. And the evaporate of inferior temperature boils means to be affected to not saturated fatty acid not only smaller, return meeting appreciably to add the content of much not saturated fatty acid even.

Accordingly, microwave oven cook more apply to the high-moisture such as water of Shang Shang water and vegetable low adipose food, and flesh of fish, duck, seafood, yoke contain Ou Miga 3 relatively rich food, it is better to still choose traditional evaporate to cook cook kind.

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