How should office worker dominate the world of meal _ cate

How should office worker control meal

2012-02-07 12:31:34

Control working meal, want 3 eat one day not to answer oversight breakfast and lunch. If do not lunch, you are probable empty stomach returns the home rumblingly in, in the engorge on dinner table.

How should office worker control meal

Little snack carries low adipose, low energy only fastfood or snacks, like fruit, vegetable, biscuit, explode corn flower.

Water of the tipple when bottle water wants inside a day is put on desk. Want to take a place when you sweet when the thing, drink a cup of water, the desire that eats sweet food can disappear immediately. A cup of water is drunk before lunch, can reduce your appetite.

Do not let mental pressure make eat more when invigorative pressure, do not take food, go out to take a walk however. Manual activity is compared have a thing more be helpful for removing mental pressure.

Have a meal outside the meal that the meal of the restaurant often does than the home is contained more energy and adipose. The restaurant of low fat meal is supplied near your unit alertly. Do not go snack interlinks inn, because over there the low adipose food that can offer an alternative is very few.

Do not want a person to take food to want and work in the same place to take food together with the friend. Put attention on the companion’s talk, is not food go up.

Do not eat buffet buffet to often be brought about eat very more.

Notice alcohol of capacity for liquor contains energy taller, it can prevent body fat use up, still reduce psychokinesis. If you think drink some wine, had better mix with soda water rise drink. Drink water and low energy beverage more.

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