Jump over Leng Yue to want to drink the world of water _ cate more in the winter

Jump over Leng Yue to want to drink water more in the winter

2012-02-07 12:36:46

Summer weather is torrid, meet easily a little kubla khah dripping, drink water more, this everybody can understand. Winter climate is chilly, person not often activity, also do not have it seems that necessary drink so much water. And actually, the day jumps over Leng Yue to want to drink water more.

People is waited for in warmth indoor, go out rarely activity, but the water branch that does not mean human body to use up decreases accordingly. Accepting ” life times ” when the reporter is interviewed, health of banquet of wholesome radicals by which characters are arranged in traditional Chinese dictionaries taught expert Hong Zhaoguang to calculate such brushstroke Zhang to us: Of height of size of the amount of labor according to everybody, stature different, the water capacity that a person needs to absorb everyday is 1600 milliliter left and right sides probably, such ability assure the metabolism with normal human body, and only the water that human body breath needs to use up 300 milliliter everyday, perspire need 700 milliliter, defecate at least 100 milliliter. Zhang Hude of professor of room of preserve one’s health of university of medicine of Beijing traditional Chinese medical science tells ” life times ” reporter, winter climate is dry, air humidity is small, should complement more moisture. If drink water little, haemal thick consistency is tall, appear easily the symptom such as thrombus, cause cardiovascular disease. In addition, drink water to still can accelerate metabolism more in the winter, rise to resist cold action.

Additional, consider to make clear, loss wants to the water of 5 % is divided and fail to get seasonable complement only inside human body, the skin is met dry. And winter is cold, people likes to close close door window, cause thereby indoor and anoxic, at this moment the person can feel dazed to the head goes up, patient of heart lung disease still can feel to breathe difficulty, bring about the occurrence of all sorts of disease thereby. And the supply that drinks water to be helpful for oxygen more, breath is smooth, hold good body position. Because this suggests, do not want in the winter when thirsty drink water again, physical strength uses up old person to want to be drunk more especially. Food with delicate give priority to, if ate fat, saltier food, should drink two cups more more. Additional, winter in order to heat up boiled water most appropriate, after getting up, mix face two cups of clear water are drunk before sleeping.

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