What should drink to suckle _ cate the world to the child after all

Should drink what milk to the child after all

2012-02-07 13:41:27

Recently, drink what milk to the child, become the issue that people cares most.

Yesterday (on September 17) , the reporter understands in interview, in the new mother that is in lactation, more and more people realize the gain of mother milk feed. However, more and more profession females, tell the white-collar mother of estate high especially, often know perfectly well the advantage of mother milk feed, because all sorts of reasons realize mother milk feed hard,plan however.

Should drink what milk to the child after all

The mother breeds feed had better hold to 10 months above

Center of health care of children of Tianjin city woman is the closest to this city the lactation circumstance of more than 2000 new mother undertakes investigating, the result shows, the white-collar mother that has mother milk raise still is less than 7 into. As a result of maternity leave the limitation of the external condition such as state of business of too short, job, body, can hold to pure mother to breed feed arrives of 6 months insufficient even 40% .

Qirongyi of director of 254 hospitals department of gynaecology and obstetrics introduces, feed of pure mother milk wants at least full 6 months, this ability is helpful for mother and new student healthy. “Conditional word, had better want to hold to mother milk feed 10 months above, because of asepsis of mother serum clean, contain acid of rich immune globulin, complement, nucleotide to wait fight infection material, especially the colostrum in mother milk (the inside 7 days mother after be born breeds) contain immune antibody, can protect a new student avoid the bacterium that suffers almost all likelihood to encounter and virus infection. Additional, the proportion of all sorts of not saturated fatty acid, carotene, vitamins and microelement is contained in mother milk, optimum be absorbed by the baby.

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