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5 kinds of breakfast let the child become stupidder

2013-11-09 11:39:04

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These 5 kinds of breakfast can let the child become stupidder

The researcher of food of Singapore Alexander hospital and nutrient ministry surveyed the household of 6 countries of Asian and area, content includes the child to whether eat breakfast, state of affairs of their cerebra development and study result, result discovery, do not have the student of breakfast, differ quite besides attention besides, response is slow also.

5 kinds of breakfast let the child become stupidder

Researcher points out: “If long-term oversight breakfast, the child’s head will be shrunken, although restore healthy diet later, nutrition is enough, but atrophic brains already cannot restore to grow, accordingly they can become stupid. Accordingly they can become stupid..

And American expert also had a research to the student, after the student reachs the school, a few people eat breakfast, additionally a few do not eat, as a result discovery did not have the student of breakfast, the reaction ability of logarithm word is poorer, have the child of breakfast, the susceptibility of logarithm word is taller.

Be in the first especially is mathematical class when, the child that has breakfast is being behaved is better than having the child of breakfast much. Researcher points out, communicate the necessity that eats breakfast to the child by the teacher the directest and effective.

5 kinds of breakfast let the child become stupidder

For the health of darling breakfast of 5 kinds of children cannot be taken

Leftover dish breakfast

After leftover dish of the previous night, vegetable possibility arises inferior nitric acid () of a kind of carcinogen, eat go in harm of can healthy to human body generation, accordingly, the vegetable that takes surplus does not take again as far as possible.

5 kinds of breakfast let the child become stupidder

Western-style breakfast

Breakfast of this kind of tall caloric is brought about easily fat, deepfry food is used for a long time also can have a harm to the body. Become with Western-style snack breakfast, lunch and dinner must food of edible low caloric. Additional, this kind of Western-style breakfast is put in the problem of nutrient disequilibrium, quantity of heat is higher, but often lack the nutrition such as vitamin, mineral, cellulose however. If choose Western-style snack to cook breakfast, should wait plus fruit or vegetable soup, in order to maintain nutrition balanced, assure all sorts of nutriment absorb.

5 kinds of breakfast let the child become stupidder

Breakfast of deep-fried twisted dough sticks

After food passes high temperature deepfry, nutriment can be destroyed, still can produce carcinogenic substance; And the quantity of heat of deep-fried twisted dough sticks is higher also, grease is indigestible. Breakfast must have vegetable or fruit.

Snacks breakfast

Snacks majority is belonged to dry feed, for the human body that is in half dehydrate condition to the morning, it is to go against digest absorb. And the snacks such as biscuit is main raw material is cereal, although energy can be provided inside short time, but very quick meeting makes human body feels hungry again. Breakfast snack brings about inanition easily, the constitution drops, cause all sorts of diseases to inbreak.

Athletic breakfast

To drive time, many parents buy breakfast to give the child in roadside booth, next, let child edge walk along an edge to eat. Actually, the edge walks along an edge to eat adverse to health of intestines and stomach, go against digest and absorb. And, roadside spreads out food sanitation assures hard.

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