Must pregnant Mom drink milk filling calcium for darling? 5 kinds of circumstances give you the world of answer _ cate

Must pregnant Mom drink milk filling calcium for darling? 5 kinds of circumstances give you the answer

2016-09-22 11:57:14

Will tell from the angle of dietetics, tina also can suggest pregnant Mom drinks milk more, because it is the rich calcium is qualitative origin inside human body. , this is good food to mom and fetal darling. But some pregnant Mom is not to like to drink milk really, after perhaps be being drunk, can feel very afflictive, appear bilge the symptom such as gas, diarrhoea, how can this do? Be to force oneself to try hard to drink for the child? Still abandon at this point?

What actually fetal darling needs is not milk, however the calcium in milk. Because milk is the the most natural, best, most convenient calcic source in our diet, normally so the doctor can recommend it regard gestation as the food of first selection.

But, milk is not only calcic source.

Some pregnant Mom can have different reaction to milk, because of this pregnant Mom to different situation, also should take different step.

[circumstance one]

If pregnant Mom is the smell that does not like pure milk only, that can choose has machined yoghurt completely, especially a few yoghurt that contain beneficial to give birth to bacterium, can complement not only calcium is qualitative, still can help aid digestion. And the calcium in yoghurt is better inside human body absorb.

[circumstance 2]

If pregnant Mom is drinking milk hind every time, total conference appears abdominal distension or diarrhoea, that pregnant Mom you are lactose is not able to bear or endure likely very suffer. Because the lack in your alvine path can digest the lacteal carbohydrase of the lactose in milk,this is.

Such pregnant Mom is OK doing:

1. chooses a few without lactose milk, best choice does not have lactose and additional the milk that adds calcium.

Lacteal carbohydrase is taken to perhaps add preparation of carbohydrase of a few breast in milk before 2. drinkable milk, can alleviate greatly abdomen is unwell.

[circumstance 3]

If pregnant Mom is able to bear or endure,be overcome any dairy produce, allergic to dairy produce perhaps, pregnant Mom can choose a few fruit juice that add calcium or edible the blame dairy produce of a few tall calcium. Consider to make clear: The calcic amount that the fruit juice adding calcium of 30ml provides and 30ml milk are about the same.

[circumstance 4]

If pregnant Mom feels disgusted to milk, because,be only mouthfeel problem. Pregnant Mom can choose to put milk in other edibles, for instance cornmeal, fruit suckles former times, can mask the flavour of milk so.

[circumstance 5]

If pregnant Mom still is the calcium that cannot absorb full amount from inside food, last pace just is choice calcic replenishers. Because pregnant Mom wants to know, best nutrient replenishers is absorbed from inside food certainly, not be to take replenishers directly. We had a lot of people to put upside down in reality they are both the order between. When choosing calcic replenishers, pregnant Mom also should ensure he absorbed the vitamin D of sufficient capacity. Can promote calcic absorption so. Do not think at the same time additional had jumped over more more, calcic compensatory excessive can pose the problem of anaemia of the sex that be short of iron very likely.

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