Can pregnant woman take hollow course? The note introduces _ cate the world simply

Can pregnant woman take hollow course? The note introduces simply

2016-12-28 14:16:48

Can pregnant woman take hollow course, although it already nutrition can treat a disease again, it is summertime fitness the top grade good food that prevents disease, and contain calcium to abound. So can pregnant woman take hollow course?

Can pregnant woman take hollow course

Hollow dish contains rich protein. Every 100 grams are hollow dish contains 2.2 grams protein, pregnant woman takes hollow course, OK and compensatory protein, strengthen physical strength to retain vigor, enhance body immunity power, effective counteractive bacteria inbreaks. Hollow dish contains rich vitamin. The content of C of the vitamin in hollow dish is higher than Chinese cabbage, pregnant woman takes hollow course, c of OK and compensatory vitamin, maintain the health of skeleton and tooth, protect cellular function, those who maintain the body to discharge poisonous function is normal.

Hollow dish contains rich calcic element. Every 100 grams are hollow dish has 99 milligram calcic element, pregnant woman has OK and compensatory calcic element, those who maintain metabolism is normal, those who maintain neurological function is normal, still can promote fetal neurological healthy growth. Hollow dish is alkalescent food, contain potassium, chloric etc adjust the element that water fluid balances, pregnant woman edible is helpful to oneself health. Nicotinic acid still is contained in hollow dish, pregnant woman eats OK and additional nicotinic acid, carry memory, those who protect cerebral ministry is normal, promote the healthy growth of fetal head ministry.

Pregnant woman takes the note of hollow dish

Hollow dish sex is cold, the person that the constitution compares discharge of jalf congealed of Xu Han of frail, taste, defecate shoulds not be much feed the person with on the low side of; blood pressure, cold stomach to also want to eat less.

Hollow dish adds milk, can affect the absorption with qualitative calcium, pregnant woman edible wants discretion.

Choose hollow course, in order to do not have ministry of Huang Ban, bine the being with fresh bounty of not quite long, leaf beautiful, and should buy stalk is pettier, those who taste a few tenderer, important news, if odour is too heavy, it is medicine of strong in season appears on the market mostly before long, unfavorable buy, cause harm to pregnant woman and fetal healthy meeting otherwise.

Hollow dish encounters thermal capacitance want to heat up boiler, conflagration adequately to be copied quickly when yellow, cook changeably, differ blade molten can flameout is filled piece, avoid nutrient prediction of a person’s luck in a given year.

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