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It save computer to confuse skeleton what to eat is good to save computer to confuse skeleton what to eat

2012-02-07 14:16:31

InIn modern life, when a variety of advantage that enjoying the computer to be brought for us when us, all sorts of healthy problems also subsequently and come. According to investigation, constant maneuver calculates what eyestrain feels in the crowd of machine to occupy 83% , of humeral acerbity lumbago occupy 63.9% , have a headache and of inappetence occupy 56.1% with 54.4% , harmful response still includes other mental disease of sex of maladjusted, melancholia, arteriosclerosis waits autonomic nerve a moment.

It save computer to confuse skeleton what to eat is good to save computer to confuse skeleton what to eat

The computer has characteristic of high speed, onefold, reduplicative in the operation, be in for a long time force a posture (the posture) that shows a certain part of the body is in blame nature tense, easy the disease that causes the muscle skeleton system such as waist, neck, shoulder, ancon, wrist suffers from. Reduce the computer to operate skeletal to skin harm, best method is in use computer body of of people of talent of period of time moves a few minutes. In dietary respect, want to eat the food that contains calcium to measure tall, beneficial skeleton more.

Milk contains calcic amount not only tall, and among them lactic acid can promote calcic absorption, it is best natural calcium source. Additional, the calcic content in the dairy produce such as cheese, yoghurt is very high also, should often edible.

Dried shrimps nutrition is rich, contain a lot ofthe microelement such as calcic, phosphor, protein content is very high also. Dried shrimps and other sea product are calcic better origin.

The nutrient composition content of rape and its dietotherapy value can say to go up the person above average in vegetable. Content of its calcium, iron is very rich, often eat rape to clear blood step-down, able-bodied skeleton, Qing Dynasty heats up alexipharmic action.

Black sesame seed is very good filling calcium origin, its fill white sesame seed of excel of effect of calcic, preserve one’s health is multiple. Do not love to drink the person of milk, can one day eats 3 spoon black sesame seed to replace. In addition, sesame paste contains calcic amount very tall also.

Soya bean is high protein food, the volume that contain calcium is very high, and contain a lot oflysine and easy the iron that is absorbed to use by human body. Other bean products also is filling calcium fine is tasted, 150 grams bean curd contains calcium to be as high as 500 milligram.

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